What to play in the first Steam Next Fest event of 2024?


Steam Next Fest The February 2024 edition will run until February 12, featuring multiple demos, livestreams from countless developers to discuss their upcoming releases. Gamehub has compiled some outstanding games that gamers should not miss during this event.

If you want to explore dungeons, try the demo of Dungeonborne, a first-person PvPvE game where players can venture out alone or join forces with companions to hunt for treasure, battle monsters, etc

Real-time strategy fans should try Stormgate from developer Frost Giant Studios. The game is set in a science fiction universe, players will command machines to protect Earth or play the role of villain and invade Earth. Stormgate has an ever-changing campaign, players can team up with 3 people to face the AI, participating in 1v1 or 3v3 battles.

Dread Dawn
Those who love zombie games may want to experience Dread Dawn. This is an open world zombie survival game set in a quarantined city. Players will take on the role of a student on a mission to protect the school, survive, and wait to be rescued with their classmates and other survivors.

Synergy is a graphically beautiful city-building game that requires humanity to survive in an alien and hostile world. Players will build a city while preserving the ecosystem, and research plants and other natural elements to complete the Book of Knowledge.

Fantastic Haven
This management sandbox game tasks players with building a shelter to welcome and protect magical creatures as well as explore unique areas, while restoring creatures in the wild. their nature.

Copycat is a wonderful and emotional journey of a cat looking for a home. The cat finally reached the station but was “stolen” by another cat with the same appearance when the new owner fell ill.

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami
The game from developer Happy Broccoli Games follows a detective duck named Eugene MacQuacklin on a mission to piece together clues to solve mysteries. The demo of Duck Detective: The Secret Salami is quite short, only lasting about 10 minutes. So this will be a demo for busy players.

INDIKA is definitely one of the strangest games of 2024. Developed by Odd Meter and published by 11 bit Studios, it is a third-person narrative adventure game revolving around a Russian nun who constantly being “bothered” by a demon.

Harold Halibut
The meticulous and handcrafted stop-motion animation style graphics are a big factor in the appeal of this game. In Harold Halibut, players live on a boat-like spaceship sinking in an alien ocean, humanity’s last hope, including lab assistant Harold and his teammates, searching for a new planet. new essence to survive.

Set on a sunken cargo ship in unexplored space, Captain Curly’s “escape” becomes a living hell when he is legless, crippled, mute and completely dependent on the mercy of the crew. This first-person survival horror game has a classic art direction, depicting the reality where limited food rations and dwindling energy supplies push you into a terrifying situation.​

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