PS5 users can now play the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo right away

After so much waiting, the demo of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is finally available on PSN. Announced during a State of Play broadcast dedicated to the game itself, the PlayStation 5 exclusive demo will let players experience the first few chapters of Rebirth, with both Cloud and Sephiroth as playable characters. in the famous Nibelheim retrospective.​

Is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake Released in 2020 (and its DLC, Episode Intermission), Final Fantasy VII Rebirth delves into the events following Cloud and company’s escape from the city of Midgar. Similar to the original, a flashback scene following the group’s escape details protagonist Cloud’s relationship with Shinra, the elite military unit SOLDIER, and the game’s main antagonist, Sephiroth.


Besides retelling Cloud’s mysterious story, the demo also introduces some of Rebirth’s new combat mechanics.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth retains the core fighting mechanics featured in Remake. During combat, the player can move around the battlefield with, dodge, attack freely, or perform several special moves. Every time you attack, you fill up your “Active Time Battle” gauge, allowing you to use special attacks, spells, and items. However, Rebirth introduces some newer mechanics, including Synergy Abilities.​


Synergy Abilities are unique combo attacks and maneuvers that have their own gauge that is filled using Active Time Battle attacks. Once the two characters have filled their gauges, you can perform a combo attack, such as Red XIII and Cloud’s “Savage Assault,” which also fills the character’s Limit Break gauge.

In the near future, Square Enix also promises to add the Junon area to the demo.


The demo released today is just an introduction to the full version, which will hit shelves on February 29. The game promises to bring about a 40-hour main campaign, a large open world map and completely new locations to explore. Rebirth also promises to bring exciting, thrilling side missions and a main storyline that may be surprisingly different from the original.​

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