Werewolves Within – Werewolf Game… but the movie version

Ma Wolf is always a familiar name during outings, festivals or especially Team Building. The feeling of reasoning together, hacking the brain or turning yourself into an “actor”, truly brings a very interesting experience to anyone who has ever played the game. But have you ever thought that title Ghost Wolf game familiar in so many disputes has now become a true cinematic product, bringing so many doubts, betrayals and “boat capsizing” that no one expected.


Based on Werewolves Within, a version of the Werewolf Game using Ubisoft’s VR technology, the movie of the same name brings viewers to the town of Beaverfield, where ranger Finn Wheeler has just arrived to get a job. Just arriving, Finn had to deal with so many monstrous events… from pets being eaten, human corpses on the floor to a series of generators destroyed by claw marks. All point to the existence of a bloodthirsty creature lurking somewhere here.

But when the people in the town began to join hands to find the truth of the incident, they suddenly discovered that the villain was not somewhere out there but was in fact standing in their ranks. Like the real Ghost Wolf game, the people in the town gradually become suspicious of each other, making the viewers themselves not know what is true or false.


Special point of Werewolves Within Although it has a horror background, the film actually mixes many humorous and light elements… bringing a quite unique experience to viewers. Along with that, the film’s plot also has some surprises, different from the usual patterns of horror products of the same genre.

If you are a fan of the game Ghost Wolf, this is definitely a movie that you must enjoy, partly because of the “real life” plot of the game version, partly because of the humor integrated throughout the length of the script. . Werewolves Within can also be considered a rare game-based movie that has been highly appreciated by critics recently.

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