The Finals – The hottest shooting game on Steam


Title FPS games The Finals Still booming on Steam. The free Open Beta version of the FPS game from the former developers of Battlefield shows a lot of potential in the already crowded shooter field. The game also has more improvements, when Embark Studios reached a record number of players on Steam and announced that players will see The Finals run smoother than before.

With an extremely promising start to The Finals playtest, Embark Studios could very well have its next top multiplayer FPS game on its hands. After several matchmaking fixes were rolled out during The Finals over the weekend, the team at Embark revealed on Discord that server capacity has been increased along with other fixes.

“Happy to announce that we believe the issue causing tournaments to freeze between matches has been resolved,” the developer said. Join the arena and let us know if your experience improves. Additionally, we have tried to increase server limits for all three regions. This change is currently being rolled out.”

Expanding server limits is benefiting The Finals as the game broke its previous record for concurrent players and reached a new milestone of 267,874 players on Steam alone (according to SteamDB). The fact that the beta version of The Finals continues to be open for a week will help the above number continue to increase.

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