Warning about impersonating OTA Network to fraudulently take over Fanpage

Active since 2018 but OTA Network has become a great destination for those Creator Talent who wants to develop their Livestream career on the platform Facebook Gaming. Names full of weight like VirusSs, Pewpew, Sunbird nice Nam Blue… is a powerful testament to the influence of OTA Network on the Creator community.

However, because of that success, many individuals have impersonated the name of OTA Network to profit, even scam to gain control. Facebook personal as well as Fanpage. A common trick of these scammers is to use Facebook accounts to pretend to be OTA Network employees, then exaggerate bogus titles such as “money-making support” to deceive unsuspecting people. gullible.

The most recent example is a Facebook account named “Kieu Thien Dung” with the Profile description “Support QC monetization at OTA Network”. However, as confirmed by Mr. Pham Ba Duy – CEO of OTA Networkthere is no one in the company’s team named Kieu Thien Dung and the information given by this account is completely fake.

Kieu Thien Dung’s account impersonates a person from OTA Network.

This account also continuously posted information about a bogus Offline event that took place around May this year. However, the image is taken from Facebook Gaming’s Creator Day event that took place last June. Above all, in May when the Covid-19 epidemic situation was still complicated, OTA Network still strictly complied with the Prime Minister’s regulations prohibiting large gatherings. Therefore, it is impossible for an Offline event of OTA Network and Facebook Gaming to be held at this time.

Kieu Thien Dung’s account is even more abusive when using the image of a Creator who participated in the OTA Network to impersonate.

However, Kieu Thien Dung’s account is not the only case, there have been many different impersonation accounts operating with the goal of taking over the management of a Fanpage with a large number of Likes and Followers. A typical example is an account named “Do Thi Anh Nguyet” that recently scammed and took over both personal Fanpage and Facebook. All show that this is most likely a group of systematic scam individuals, specializing in targeting people who want to develop their Livestream career and create content on the Facebook Gaming platform.


Understanding the great danger that these impersonated accounts can cause, OTA Network has promptly notified the community through its official Fanpage. There, a representative of OTA Network affirmed that currently OTA Network only has two main programs: Facebook Gaming Creator (OTA Network) and OTA Plus. Besides these two programs, OTA Network does not have any other monetization support programs for Creators. Along with that, OTA Network also confirmed 3 official information channels including:​


With the social networking space gradually becoming more complex and scams becoming more sophisticated, it is extremely important to be careful with unverified Facebook accounts. Always be alert to the “lures” covered by the juicy cover that scammers like you draw, and immediately report to the OTA Network team as soon as possible.

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