Revealing the first images of Industria 2 – Space survival shooter

During the spring exhibition of the Future Games Show that recently took place, developer Bleakmill officially brought to the gaming community the first images of the game. Industria 2. This is the sequel to the title shooting game Exciting survival launched in 2021 by the company.

Industria Set in East Berlin during the cold war, while searching for her missing colleague, Nora is suddenly drawn into a mysterious parallel space. It seems that this place has been controlled by artificial intelligence, robots are everywhere and they all have a hostile attitude towards humans. Here, you must learn how to fight machines without blood and tears to find a way to live and discover the secrets of this dimension.

With Industria 2, players will once again take on the role of young girl Nora and continue the unfinished journey in part 1. It seems that this time, Nora will once again encounter an old enemy – the Atlas Program, and many more. completely new type of robot controlled by it. Is there any chance that Nora can return to the correct dimension in which she lives?

With the strength of Unreal Engine 5, Industria 2 promises to bring a new version FPS with sharper and upgraded graphics. This sequel also builds a darker atmosphere with a slower pace and more engaging storytelling than the previous version.

Industria 2 is expected to launch on PC and console platforms in 2025, but a specific time has not yet been set.

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