Warm your heart with handmade Mid-Autumn lanterns from gamer Tinh Kiem 3D

We can confirm, Love Sword 3D is one of the TOP swordplay role-playing games with the largest and highest quality gaming community on the market today. It was thought that the Mid-Autumn Festival of Love Goes Everywhere would be a bit difficult for gamers, but it has only been 2 days but the Mid-Autumn Festival of Love Goes Everywhere has already attracted more than 100 entries. event.


Looking at the Tinh Kiem 3D- Giang Ho Hoi group, you can see many handmade lantern works that are extremely beloved by Tinh Kiem gamers. With only extremely environmentally friendly materials such as paper, beer cans,… along with a little ingenuity, Tinh Kiem gamers have transformed them into beautiful lanterns.

More specifically, just by participating, gamers can immediately receive gifts that reach milestones such as Level 5 Soul Fragment Box, Level 5 Gem Box, Primary Spirit Vu… In particular, the more participants, the higher the reward. The bigger the gift.​


More specifically, from TOP 1 to TOP 10 best posts will receive both in-game and out-of-game gifts. Still the judging criteria with 50% voting points and 50% points from organizers. With the spirit of creativity being above all else, the event is not limited to ideas, as long as you show your uniqueness and skill in creating lantern works that are one-of-a-kind in the world, there is no fear of not having one. “pick” the prize.

The Mid-Autumn Festival Love Sword Goes Everywhere event is still taking place in the Love Sword 3D – Giang Ho Hoi group and will last until 10:00 on September 5. Quickly submit your entries to the Tinh Kiem 3D – Giang Ho Hoi group for a chance to win attractive gifts or vote for your favorite lanterns!​

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