VTC Game’s AU 2 PC promises to overtake fashion and dating applications

After a period of incubation, VTC Game was officially launched Au 2 PCs: Latest Music – Fashion – Dating Game on computer. This is considered one of the most attractive events for the gaming community in 2023.

Let’s take a look at the extremely interesting trend-catching features in gameplay as well as the excellent graphics of VTC Game’s newest “child”!


Trendy fashion, diverse leading styles on PC

Not just a regular dancing game, Au 2 PC will give players the opportunity to transform themselves into many different fashion styles: from cool and playful to beo beo, wibu or even sexy and sexy. feeling… The reason we can say so is because Au 2 PC owns a huge warehouse of trendy fashion, up to more than 20,000 items. Therefore, when participating in the game, players can easily “show” their personality and create their own unique style.


Diverse game modes, abundant FREE resources

If you are familiar with game modes like 4K, 8K or Bubble,… Au 2 PC will certainly not disappoint you. With 10 diverse dance modes, it can be predicted that Au 2 PC will become a new generation Casual Dancing game loved by people in the near future. Not stopping there, there are many FREE items in the game, you can receive them to develop your personal inventory, “flex” as soon as possible with other players.


Couple dating, no longer lonely

In addition to fashion, graphics or items, Au 2 PC promises to “warm” lonely hearts through the extremely interesting dating feature. Players can easily find a loving partner and even get married at the dreamy Ceremony. What’s better than playing entertaining games while also being able to expand your circle of friends and find “the one”?

The community competes and fights extremely hard

With the motto “play with a party – have fun with a team”, Au 2 PC offers many attractive community connection activities such as Fam Duel and Couple PK. These features require “divine” typing skills and good teamwork from all participating players. After winning against the opponent Fam, gamers can collect, accumulate resources and build their own miniature community.​


Top graphics, smooth experience

The graphics of Au 2 PC are designed in a cute, candy, slightly Anime style. The game has successfully painted a vivid picture of a lovely colorful wonderland with many attractive areas.


Detailed information about the launch of the Au 2 PC game will be announced soon. Let’s look forward to it together!


Refer to information about the game on the following pages:​

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