Project Ferocious – Shooting game for dinosaur war players

During WD_Black’s Future Games Show, indie developer OMYOG released the first images of the project shooting game horror Project Ferocious. In the first few seconds, the game resembles Death Stranding, but then it resembles Jurassic Park and adds a few creepy touches.

Froject Ferocious Set on a mysterious tropical island filled with prehistoric monsters. Receiving an emergency call from a group of missing investigative journalists, the player follows the signal and discovers an island that does not exist on the map. Not only that, there is also a hostile force willing to do anything to keep the island’s location and its “residents” a secret.

Well equipped with weapons and necessary survival tools, the player decides to go to the island to find out the truth of the incident. Here, you not only have to face pressure from hostile forces but also try to escape the clutches of seemingly extinct creatures – dinosaurs, which are always waiting to tear players apart at any time. whenever there is a chance. The game also brings a strong exploration element with a series of activities such as climbing and swimming, and players should be vigilant because water is no safer than the ground.​


Project Ferocious is expected to release in 2023 on PC. In addition to Project Ferocious, there are 2 titles dinosaur game Also announced during the Future Game Show were Frontier Developments’ Instinction and Jurassic World Evolution 2.​

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