VNGGames officially released Journey to the West VNG: The Three Realms in Vietnam

Journey to the West VNG: Great Disturbance in the Three Realms (Journey to the West VNG) is a role-playing card game developed by Yoka Games and is VNGGames released in Vietnam. The game has been very successful in the Chinese and SEA markets, attracting a large number of players and receiving positive feedback from gamers. In the near future, in a market with a large number of hard-core fans, Journey to the West VNG: Dai Noo Tam Gioi promises to bring interesting experiences to players at the end of this year.


When it comes to Journey to the West, surely each of us remembers the novel worthy of the four great masterpieces of writer Ngo Thua An or the classic television dramas imprinted in the memories of many generations. The Journey to the West series has become an endless source of inspiration to create quality entertainment products from stories, movies to games. And that is also the “material” for Yoka Games to develop Journey to the West VNG: Dai Noo Tam Gioi. The rookie inherits the original Journey to the West and opens up new things about the journey to find the true scriptures of 5 teachers and students of Tang Tang.


The game is set 500 years ago in a world with factions of Saints – Fairies – Minh – Demons fighting inconclusively, with politics and evil difficult to determine. Along with that was the difficult journey of 5 teachers and students Duong Tang, Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sa Tang and Bach Long Ma to Loi Am – Thien Truc to retrieve the true scriptures directly from Tathagata to Dai Duong. Tang Tang’s disciples all suffered serious sins and this trip came with the promise that if completed, their sins would be forgiven. They have to go through 9 times 81 incidents on the road to test their loyalty, determination and responsibility to shoulder hardships to save sentient beings from suffering.


On the trip to Tay Thien with countless hardships, who will Duong Tang and his students encounter obstacles from, and what are the ideas hidden in the scriptures? All of that will gradually be revealed and many more interesting things will appear in Journey to the West VNG: Great Chaos in the Three Realms.

Anime-like graphics

Tay Du VNG is uniquely designed combining cute chibi and anime styles to help create a more special appearance, suitable for all ages. 2D graphics, eye-catching colors and vivid effects will bring gamers eye-catching scenes of the Three Realms. This is also the first highlight when entering the journey of overcoming 81 lifetimes with Duong Tang and his students.


Rich characters

Entering the world of Journey to the West VNG, players will encounter familiar characters in the original Journey to the West from protagonists to villains such as Ton Ngo Khong, Hong Hai Nhi, Bach Cot Tinh,… Gamers will become Gods and generals and gradually build up their forces, recruit talented generals to become a powerful force, overcome tribulations, conquer the frontiers and reach the sacred land of Tay Thien.


Players can freely choose 4 different worlds, including: Holy World – Fairy World – Underworld – Demon World corresponding to types of combat skills such as Damage, Support, Defense and Control. . Each gender has its own stats, skills, and strengths and weaknesses, and gamers will be free to build a team and freely choose characters. Best of all, players can easily transform their main hero into another hero’s form, and can use that hero’s skills.

Diverse game modes and attractive benefits

The game possesses familiar general placement gameplay and attractive strategies for players to freely create their own mark when staging battles. Players will need to think carefully and build their own strategies and resources intelligently to strengthen their squad and win each match.


Journey to the West VNG also has familiar features of the general card genre such as recruiting generals, developing generals’ strength through upgrading levels, increasing ranks, and equipment system. One more thing, in the world of Journey to the West, players can freely experience PvP and PvE game modes with extremely diverse activities such as Arena, Grand War, Horse Racing or chill after big battles with activities. Gia Vien.

At the same time, the welfare of the game is very desirable with more than 3,650 hero rotations per year. The game has an automatic code distribution system, every day there will be a common code given to players along with the traditional input code so gamers have the opportunity to receive red generals extremely easily.


Possessing beautiful graphics and gameplay consistent with the trends of the times, Journey to the West VNG: Dai Nao Tam Gioi is truly a highly anticipated game. Furthermore, with extensive experience in operating popular game products and listening to the player community, VNGGames will definitely bring gamers a “hands-on, eye-catching” game with exciting experiences. when together with Duong Sang and his disciples they overcame the 81st tribulation.

Let’s wait for information about Journey to the West VNG here:​

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