Chan Tam Quoc Vo Song – Blockbuster gathering all hot stars was criticized badly from Asia to Europe

The True Three Kingdoms are Unparalleled or Dynasty Warriors is a movie blockbuster adapted from the Chinese game series of the same name. The film brings together famous stars such as Louis Vu (as Lu Bu), Wang Kai (Cao Cao), Carina Lau (Sword Treasure Bao Chu), Han Geng (Guan Yu), Lu Liang Wei (Yuan Shao), Gu Li Na Zha (Diao Chan)… Chan Tam The live-action Guo Wushuang officially premiered in Chinese theaters on May 1 and was available on Netflix from July 1.​


Contrary to the huge investment and great expectations of the audience, movie Chan Tam Quoc Vo Song received countless negative reviews. The film was severely criticized in its home country of China, scoring only 4/10 points on Douban (China’s largest movie review site). Of the 33,890 audience reviews, only about 1.8% rated 5 stars, 3.6% rated 4 stars, and the number of 2-star and 1-star comments amounted to 73.9%.

Yesterday, Chan Tam Quoc Vo Song officially aired on Netflix and history continued to repeat itself. The film’s IMDb score only reached 4.7/10. IGN page only rated the Chinese movie blockbuster at 2/10 with the comment:


Chan Three Kingdoms Wu Shuang was also criticized for having outdated effects, a disjointed plot, and a cast of pathetic actors, which turned it into a bad game adaptation. bad.

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