VNG Fashion Star organized offline at the second largest shopping center in Ho Chi Minh City

VNG Fashion Star is a game that is very familiar to Vietnamese gamers, especially followers of the beauty game genre, inspired by activities in daily life. Number of gamers coming Fashion Star VNG is increasingly crowded, gradually forming a loyal and quality community. As a thank you to the game’s die-hard fans after 8 years of companionship, VNGGames distributor will organize a grand offline event at Aeon Mall Binh Tan, one of the busiest and busiest commercial centers in the country.


“Great commotion” at Aeon Mall Binh Tan, received thousands of beautiful gifts and genuine codes

Coming to this offline session, VNG Fashion Star gamers can immerse themselves in a space full of joy, filled with exciting activities, diverse forms, but also take home many exclusive gifts from organizing committee. Just by checking in with the game’s character Mumu, attendees can immediately receive rewards such as exclusive keychains or cute paper fans that are only available at this event. Gamers need to pay attention to following the instructions of the Organizing Committee so as not to miss the opportunity to receive luxury gifts from VNG Fashion Stars.

Save the time and location now to come to this 8-year-old Offline!

Besides, VNG Fashion Star also showed thoughtfulness when bringing a series of other interesting minigames, welcoming gamers to this special exchange. Players who participate in quizzes via Kahoot and answer interviews about offline sessions will receive a Time Notebook as a gift – an extremely eye-catching and limited quantity gift.

Instructions for checking in to receive exclusive gifts from VNG Fashion Stars

Two other activities that appeared offline for the first time were an outfit competition and participating in a karaoke competition, filming a Tiktok clip following the theme song of VNG Fashion Star. Both activities bring Time Hand Number rewards and some other exclusive gifts from the Organizing Committee, details of which will be revealed when gamers come to the offline session on March 10. It can be said that, with such an impressive series of activities and gifts, VNG Fashion Star’s 8-year-old offline session promises to attract a large number of gamers to attend and help everyone preserve more memorable moments. miss.

Instructions to VNG Fashion Stars offline area

The festival brings together a community that loves healing games

With the desire to celebrate 8 years of operation in the Vietnamese market, the Organizing Committee not only wants to express gratitude for this special anniversary, but also wants to create a special playground for the community of players of games with high quality. God of healing. These are games inspired by familiar topics in everyday life, such as beauty, fashion, hotels and restaurants,… helping players transform into many different roles, unleashing their creativity. Create your own world. Players who check-in with this community will receive a free drink when following the instructions offline that day.

Many days before the event, VNG Fashion Star soon made important announcements, from “the way to go” to details on how to receive gifts offline. This contributes to creating a vibrant atmosphere throughout community groups, players are constantly updated with information and buzzing about the event. Specifically, many people have promised to attend offline so they can check-in with Mumu and participate in receiving exclusive gifts from the game.


Based on the exciting atmosphere from the group, it can be seen that a large number of players are ready to go offline tomorrow. This is an opportunity to enter the event for free, to definitely get great gifts to bring home, but also to interact with friends who share the same interests. What are you waiting for? Come to Aeon Mall Binh Tan to join Fashion Stars. VNG celebrates turning 8 with great meaning and many memories.

VNG Fashion Star (Miracle Nikki) – Creativity to Become a Talented Stylist​

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