Escape From Tarkov publishes a File that continuously updates the names of cheaters

Like countless other online shooters, Escape from Tarkov must constantly fight to keep the game clear of guys cheat. Escape from Tarkov has anti-cheat software, and the game recently launched a new community system where volunteers report suspected cheaters before being passed on to the developers Battlestate Games investigates further. And now, Battlestate has a new tool to fight cheaters: shame.


According to Techcrunch, Battlestate banned more than 6,700 accounts in the past week and all of the above accounts appeared in one file. Google Doc updated regularly. This move not only names cheaters, but also provides Escape from Tarkov players with more evidence. Battlestate representative Dmitri Ogorodnikov said: “We want honest players to see the names of cheaters to know that justice has been served and the cheater who defeated them in the game has been punished. fined and banned.”​


Battlestate has a history of harsh words for cheaters. Last week, CEO Nikita Buyanov called hacker and cheaters are “the scum of the earth” and urged players to “report all these bastards.” The same post on Reddit also assured players that Battlestate is banning “several thousand cheaters a day” following a recent increase in hackers. The majority of players support the move to announce the banned account names, but some are skeptical about the developer’s move.

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