Valorant’s anti-hacking software will be integrated into League of Legends

Recently, League Studio head Andrei van Roon, software anti-cheat Vanguard will be present inside League of Legends. Riot says this is a response “to complaints surrounding the large number of bots in the game, disruptions in Ranked…” Like in ValorantVanguard’s implementation will allow live matches to be terminated if hacking/cheating is detected, and ranked points will be refunded to affected players.

Vanguard runs in the background, starts up with your PC, and works continuously. Anti-cheat evaluates other programs on your PC, blocking them if they have suspected vulnerabilities. If you don’t have Vanguard boot at the same time as Windows, you won’t be able to play Valorant or now League of Legends on this device.


As we know, when it launched, Vanguard was considered too intrusive. This software makes players feel like they are being controlled and monitored, unable to interact freely with their hardware. At the same time, players say Vanguard is hindering software tied to keyboard and mouse controls, and even technology designed to control PC temperatures.

However, since its launch in 2020, Vanguard has done its job quite well. Meanwhile, Valorant grew in popularity, becoming a part of the global esports scene as well as an important part of Twitch, as anti-fraud concerns have largely faded. There may be some problems that arise when integrating with League of Legends, but we believe that Riot has the experience to solve them.​

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