After stealing $600 million in cryptocurrency, the hacker was invited to become the chief security consultant

Poly Networka decentralized finance project that was hacked last week, helps hacker took away some tokens worth up to 600 million USD. It is known that hackers took advantage of vulnerabilities in Poly Network’s code and moved this money to his e-wallet. This is considered a theft electronic money largest of all time (surpassing the theft of 534.8 million USD from the Japanese exchange Coincheck in 2018).​


Afterwards, the hacker returned most of the money to Poly Network and kept only $33 million. But more than 200 million USD of the fund is currently locked in a secure account and only hackers have access to it. Poly Network called on hacker Mr.White Hat to provide the password so they could get their money back.

The organization promises rewards Mr. White Hat 500,000 USD for the hacker to return the entire amount. Not only that, this organization also wants to invite Mr.White Hat to become its chief security advisor:


Mr. White Hat refused the $500,000 bounty and offered to use this money to reward hackers who found other Poly Network security holes, but the organization still decided to send money to Mr. White Hat to express its gratitude. Poly Network also has no intention of pursuing Mr. White Hat. It is known that Mr. White Hat is a white hat hacker who specializes in finding system vulnerabilities of enterprises and organizations to help them avoid malicious attacks.

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