Using Hacker’s own account to advertise anti-hacking, the game company received bitter consequences

User Tiktok rushman360 has announced that it has been hardware banned for Call of Duty: Warzone. This means rushman360 cannot create another account and return to the game because his entire computer has been banned.


Activision is using Tiktoker’s story as a warning to others as the publisher prepares to launch an anti-virus tool. cheat new this fall. This is an interesting option. Although Activision used the rushman360 ban to advertise its new anti-cheat capabilities Warzone, but some people speculate that this Tiktoker was banned due to an error with the cheating software instead of anti-cheat upgrades made by Activision. Popular cheat programs often come with tools to spoof device IDs to avoid hardware bans, but rushman30’s hardware ID was exposed.

Game hacking video by Rushman360

However, what is surprising is that rushman360, who once guaranteed not to cheat in Warzone, continued to commit violations. Rushman360 posted many clips with many suspicious elements on Tiktok and a two-hour gameplay video on YouTube, in which viewers can clearly see that he is activating and using cheats. In the Warzone video posted on August 30, rushman360 and his teammates openly admitted to using aimbots.​

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