The game series Vo Lam Truyen Ky released a song to welcome Spring: The first handshake with Bang Kieu – Masew

Co Tri which means that friends have been friends for a long time. With a meaningful name and the message Tan Xuan Remembering the Ancients, the Tet song of the game series Vo Lam Truyen Ky game (VLTK) spoke for the hearts of millions of gamers and wanted to send it to our fellow believers who “charged into battle” with us. This is both a gift to celebrate spring and a gratitude that this game series sends to the gaming community. on my 19-year journey of weaving the dream of Vo Lam.


Legends told by Masew and Bang Kieu

The song Co Tri was composed by the “music wizard” Masew, from the melody, lyrics to the emotional arrangement, bearing the mark of the colorful world of swordplay. The lyrics are carefully selected, recounting familiar moments in the Vo Lam gaming community: “Let’s fight shoulder to shoulder throughout the Tuong Duong place to satisfy our friends”; “It’s okay to have Hoa Son and Truong Giang together, we’ll be together forever.” At the same time, this song is also a tribute that both gamers and the game series Board of Directors send to the “old people who have traveled with us in a crazy life” on the occasion of Tet and spring.

Singer Bang Kieu in the studio (left) and at the filming site of MV Co Tri

With meaningful lyrics, the song Co Tri seems to be “tailor-made” for Bang Kieu. With his high-pitched voice and story-telling singing style, the Hanoi-born male singer has taken listeners, especially VLTK gamers, through every stage from exuberance, playfulness to profoundness. recall. Not only does it round out the sadness of the song, the voice of Heart on the Sidelines also sublimates in heroic and emotional segments, conquering the audience with extremely delicate vocal techniques and handling. This is also the first time Bang Kieu has collaborated with Masew in a Spring song dedicated to the VLTK game series.

Co Tri recreates 19 years of dream-weaving for the youth of the Vo Lam Truyen Ky community

Co Tri’s MV is made up of vivid footage from her 19 years of flowering VLTK community. Those are also slices of life that are extremely familiar to gamers: the days of “plugging in the mouse” at the internet cafe, joining friends in each siege battle; the decades-long relationships that we form on our wandering journeys; Small but emotional memories that we will carry with us throughout our lives. Going through every moment in Co Tri, VLTK gamers seem to relive a beautiful youth when they see themselves in this song.


In particular, the Board of Directors of the VLTK game series also sent the gaming community a special gift at the end of the MV: memorable images recording the journey of the VLTK community from the early days, through ups and downs. deep, and became the largest community of swordplay gamers in the Vietnamese gaming industry.

Timeless friendship, love from the game to real life or career fame when falling in love with the VLTK game series are all truly shown through each short film.

MV Co Tri was officially released to the audience on January 13, 2024 and quickly received positive reactions from the audience. It is known that besides this music, the VLTK game series will also bring gamers a series of exciting events within the framework of the series of activities: Tiep Mong Vo Lam – Opening Tet Truyen Ky.

See more information about the 2024 Vo Lam Tet event here:​

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