Unlimited creativity with the 30 million Gamer/Otaku community and judge MisThy

In addition to the prize value of up to 100 million VND, there are many surprises and interesting things that you cannot miss if you “accidentally” become a fan of games like Genshin Impact or Honkai Impact… This is a contest. Full of entertainment organized by 4 large communities including “Honkai Impact 3 Community”, “Cosplay Wonderland”, “Drawing Love Community” and “Game is not good, delete group”, “Show talent right away, worthy of the name” Otaku/Gamer” promises to bring Gamers and their friends Otaku Full of opportunities to express your personality.


The contest is themed after the event of two characters Fischl and Keqing joining Honkai Impact 3 version 4.9, is currently attracting the attention of gamers, Otaku and large communities. This is also one of the games that stimulates the creativity and drawing talent that is still hidden deep inside many gamers, giving them the opportunity to express another side of themselves besides hours of gaming experience.

Therefore, this is a very suitable contest for fans of these masterpieces, having the opportunity to express their creativity and bring home countless valuable gifts. Not to mention the opportunity to interact with Vietnam’s leading KOLs in both gaming, entertainment and painting.

The reason why you cannot miss this contest? Find out now:

1/ Extremely talented judges: Because the contest is jointly organized by 4 large communities, each community has its own professional judge.

Misthy (Honkai Impact 3 Community group): Misthy is certainly no longer a strange name to the gaming community as this female streamer is one of the most famous and long-time active people in the Vietnamese streamer village.

  • Miu (group Cosplay Wonderland): Not only famous in the cosplay community in Vietnam, Miu’s name also spread throughout Asia when attending major cosplay events such as AFA, Tokyo Gameshow… The beautiful appearance of this female cosplayer has “captivated everyone”. hearts” of hundreds of thousands of fans – especially male gamers.
  • Tamypu – Thai My Phuong (Community group that loves drawing): Young art lovers in Vietnam must have heard about “Tamypu” many times or admired her works. “Book cover witch” Tamypu is also an inspiration for many young people pursuing the field of art.
  • Sparrow Goes to the Sun (Game not good, delete group): Dubbed the “Vietnamese AoE Prodigy”, the reputation and influence of Sunbirds on Vietnamese gamers is unquestionable. Se’s appearance in the jury chair of this contest will certainly bring many interesting surprises, especially for the participating contestants.

If you are a fan of any of the 4 judges above, you will probably be very eager to participate in the contest “Show talent right now, worthy of the title Otaku/Gamer” to “take advantage” of interacting. with my idol for a bit!

2/4 interesting categories with attractive prizes: Players can easily participate in the contest with 4 different categories, however they can only choose 1 category corresponding to each group to participate:​

  • Streaming (Genshin Impact Vietnam): Make a game stream/game commentary or record the screen while playing the game or simply capture a favorite battle scene in Honkai Impact 3 V4.9.
  • Cosplay (Cosplay Wonderland): Make a cosplay to become any character in Honkai Impact 4 V4.9.
  • Drawing (Community who loves drawing): Draw a picture or a set of pictures related to the world of Honkai Impact 3 V4.9 or the story of any character in the game.
  • Video creation (Game not good, delete group): Make a video of arbitrary length or image showing content related to the game Honkai 4.9, it can be game commentary, comparing characters, expressing skills in the game.

The content of the test is up to you to be creative!

Each category has an attractive prize structure associated with it!​

  • 1 Special Prize: 20,000,000 VND + souvenir from the organizers
  • 4 Additional prizes: 3,000,000 VND + souvenir from the organizers
  • 10 Consolation prizes: souvenirs from organizers

With the above categories, the organizers have created maximum conditions for you to be more confident when choosing your strengths and participating in the contest to win that great prize!

3/ Feel free to share your own experiences with Honkai version 4.9 in a creative way:

Of course, the judges of the “Show your talent now, worthy of Otaku/Gamer” contest will provide a sample entry on their fanpage so that contestants can get “suggestions” on how to start. However, don’t let that reduce your boundless creativity. Instead of using the jury’s sample and re-mixing it, you can absolutely do better. Don’t be afraid to try your hand and show your love for Honkai Impact 3 V4.9 right now!


4/ For the first time, there is the appearance of Genshin Impact characters in Honkai Impact 3: Needless to say, this is truly a special occasion when fans of Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact will be extremely excited about this bold Collab event: 2 idols Fishel and Keqing officially appear at Honkai Impact 3 version 4.9, adds a new world for players to freely explore.


5/ Opportunity to become a “star” in the Gamer & Otaku community with impressive entries: Every effort will be rewarded – especially when you strive with all your enthusiasm, you can completely become the next star in the Gamer and Otaku community. Not to mention, the contest “Show your talent now, worthy of the title Otaku/Gamer” is a special playground, providing a fair opportunity for all contestants to express their creativity and love for each other. game title, right?

(TIME) From July 11 to July 29, 2021


Join the groups below to understand the rules of the game:

After the end of the competition, the jury will score:

– 50% of the score is based on interactions (likes, comments, shares) of posts in the group.

– 50% of the score is based on the votes of the jury.

The total prize is up to 100 million VND, the contest rules are simple, easy to participate – not to mention the appearance of judges full of “National Idols” – this is a “once in a thousand years” opportunity. ” for gamers to participate in the contest, show off their talents as well as their special love for Honkai Impact 3! Absolutely don’t miss it!

Honkai Impact 3 is the most attractive and engaging anime game in the Vietnamese market. Since launching the Vietnamese version in 2017 until now, the game has always been popular and maintains a stable number of players.

Thanks to always listening to the thoughts and wishes of the gaming community, Honkai Impact 3 constantly changes itself to create a new feeling for players (regularly launching events, new characters, new skills… )


With this update, Honkai Impact 3 decided to “play big”, collaborating with Genshin Impact to create a big surprise for players. Typical changes after collab are:

1. Fischl’s appearance as a Valkyrie in Honkai Impact 3. Fischl still retains the majesty, elegant style of a princess and her characteristic covered-mouth smile. In particular, Fischl will be the first character to use a bow weapon in Honkai Impact 3 and will still accompany Oz. Players can receive Fischl through event login.​


2. Unlike Fischl, Keqing will also appear in Honkai Impact 3 but can only be used in the story level as a temporary special trial character during the event, this character cannot be claimed. Keqing in Honkai Impact 3 was revealed to be stronger, feeling gentle but highly effective, any move can control the enemy.

3. In this collab event, Honkai Impact 3’s Theresa will team up with Genshin Impact’s Klee. Players can unlock Klee’s battle suit and wear it for Theresa. The new version also simulates Klee’s side-tied hair for Theresa.

4. Paimon from Genshin will also be coming to the Honkai universe, Paimon will follow you when you equip this icon. Not only playable characters and battle suits, but Genshin Impact also brings many other interesting surprises to Honkai Impact 3 v4.9. Some Genshin Impact enemies and monsters (like Boreas, Andrius) will also appear in Honkai Impact 3 V4.9.


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