Treasure – Here I Come: The first One Piece ticket hunting game in Vietnam officially launched November 17

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Waiting anxiously after a period of previous and recent experiences. Treasure – Here We Come has officially launched the itinerary, ready to set sail with the Captains at 10:00 a.m. on November 17. Immerse yourself in the journey across the sea, search for treasure and revive colorful childhood memories with the legendary series and games One Piece Hunting for the first top-up ticket in Vietnam will definitely be the top popular game for the end of this year.


It must be said that “Building a fortune with two empty hands” is what Captains expect from Treasure – Here We Come when NPH GOSU allows players to experience becoming a true pirate. Not only can players rob treasures in the game, they can also “steal” treasures from NPH when plowing and receive a top-up ticket immediately without having to spend any money. From that recharge ticket, Captains can freely equip and shop to become the legendary Pirate King. Pocket your handbook for receiving recharge tickets right away with the following activities:​

  • AFK receives top-up tickets
  • Pass the barrier and receive a top-up ticket
  • Go to the tower to receive a refill ticket

Bringing the idle general card genre with chibiized graphics that bring a fresh, marketable feel, Treasure – Here I Come makes players completely immersed in the One Piece world. Here, players can freely see everything as vividly as coming out of a story page, encounter famous characters of the Straw Hat Pirates such as Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji,… and directly participate in each heated fight. The ultimate goal is still to recruit pirates, enter the Dai Hai Trinh, cross the ocean and search for treasure.


In particular, Treasure – Here I Come carries the spirit of its name. As soon as they step into the game, Captains will be overwhelmed by the “treasure” system and huge benefits system. Giving gifts to the fullest, all hands on deck giving the entire squad full of “many fan” characters that everyone must “love”. Follow the fanpage so you don’t miss any “treasures”.​

  • Top Up Any Deposit – Get ACE SSR+ immediately
  • Get 1000 Free Spins – Spin Regardless
  • Log in for 8 days – Get 5 SSR+ hero
  • Log in for 30 days – Receive accumulated gifts worth 2 million

Possessing a large IP along with the feature of receiving top-up tickets appearing for the first time, the battleship named Treasure – Here I Come is making the player community stir about it. This will be a hot hit game about One Piece that players must definitely try on November 17. Prepare an excited spirit to set sail together!​

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