Unique horror game that lets players fight witches by swearing

F**k You Witch” To be Psychological horror game unusual of Beshbarmak Games. The game is set in the Kazakh steppe, a vast grassland that covers some areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russia. The player will play the role of a guy who has just been confessed to by his best friend.


The main character of the game is a young man who is suffering from strange hallucinations, including the hallucination of a scary witch taking over his life. To deal with the witch, players need to use the mic and let go curse words in Russian. In addition, players can also insult the witch by typing words.

The game’s plot has the following content: “Find out what kind of monster the witch is and why she tries to destroy you. Your best friend Alsou may be able to help you a bit, because you Friends always help each other. You and she are just friends, nothing more, nothing less.”

The player can explore several different environments in the game. Developer Beshbarmak Games said the game will feature locations such as Yurt tents on the Qazaq steppe, a post-Soviet apartment and a few more locations that players will need to visit for themselves. This indie game also has less scary aspects like finding out what camels like, taking a crash course in sewing, saddlery, or discussing philosophy with others.

F**k You Witch is expected to release on Steam next March. The game’s interface and subtitles are translated into ten languages, with audio support for English and Russian.


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