True fanboy: Dutch athlete cosplays as an Airbender to compete in the Olympics

Athlete Kiran Badloe of everyday life.

In addition to being known as a top windsurfer, Kiran Badloe is also remembered by fans for his special love of animated films. Avatar: The Legend of Aang nice Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The evidence is in a recent post on his personal Instagram, Kiran Badloe said he had just “bought” a new haircut, reminiscent of the wind god Aang in Avatar to hopefully bring him good luck during competition. Because one of the most important factors in the windsurfing sport he is pursuing is the wind.


He shared: “This hairstyle expresses my admiration for the true and only god of wind – Avatar. I hope the spirit of that great warrior will add strength to my sails. this week. I hope that one day I will also become a wind god, a true wind god.”

And Kiran Badloe cosplaying as the Avatar.

Hopefully this blue hair will give Kiran Badloe strength in today’s competition and be “favored” by the wind god to achieve the gold medal in windsurfing at this year’s Olympics that are taking place. in Japan.

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