Top Mobile Games that know how to “extort” players the most in the first half of 2021, PUBG Mobile still loses to this game

Mobile Games is currently one of the fertile markets with huge potential. Recently, Sensor Tower published a report on the consumption behavior of Smartphone users, according to which in the first half of this year, users spent 64.9 billion USD on the App Store and Google Play, 44.7 billion USD in That number (nearly 70%) comes from mobile games.​


The total amount of money users spent on mobile games in the first 6 months of the year increased by 17.9% compared to the same period last year. Of the total spending of 44.7 billion USD, the App Store accounts for a larger portion with 26 billion USD, the remaining belongs to Google Play.

So from the beginning of the year until now, what are the mobile games that make gamers spend the most money? At the top of this list are still names familiar to many Vietnamese gamers. Genshin Impact – the famous blockbuster of Chinese developer miHoYo ranked 3rd, ranked one place above PUBG Mobile – game title Battle Royale for mobile is the most popular today. As expected, Honor of Kings (also known as Arena of valor in the Vietnamese market) continues to top this list.​


The remaining games in the top 10 are Roblox, Coin Master, Pokemon GO, Candy Crush Saga, Garena Free Fire, Rise of Kingdoms and finally Uma Musume. Are there games in the top 10 that you often play? How much money have you “donated” to mobile games this year?

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