HOT event returns to VNG Fashion Star – Miracle Nikki after 4 years

Welcome the new month with new energy, VNG Fashion StarMiracle Nikki Restart the super event Cloud Island Scene from October 31, lasting 10 consecutive days for players to take home “rare and hard to find” costumes and create many memorable memories with this playground.


Try your luck, change into HOT outfits

Cloud Island scene always brings a different vibrant atmosphere every time it appears Fashion Star VNG – Miracle Nikki. This super event is one of the rare occasions where gamers can admire costumes with 2D effects live. Besides this uniqueness, the name Dream of Chan May and the 9 accompanying accessories have increased the versatility and flexibility of the 2D live costume. Possessing this outfit, gamers can confidently conquer levels, easily meeting the requirements of dynamic, cute, noble, pure, etc.


Along with that, Cloud Island Landscape also creates opportunities for gamers to hunt for 4 other costumes, inspired by nature and all things in life. Although they are only four additional costumes, accompanying the 2D live set, in terms of design and strength of attributes, these 4 sets are worth experiencing. It can be seen that with the noble My Mieu Poetry set, the highlight is the necklace accessory that will help score points in the elegant competition rounds. If you like the warrior style and want to gain an advantage in the Concert Hall, the Star Guardian set is more suitable and comes with high attribute dress, belt, and jacket accessories.​

My Mieu Van’s poetry is especially eye-catching with its accompanying powerful lion mount

Protective Stars with magical beauty, suitable for “female strong” gamers.

The remaining two costumes appearing in Cloud Island Scene also include the graceful Mong Son Ha, possessing 17 useful items for gamers to participate in the competition area. The masterpiece Dong Dao Ban Trou has soft colors, is designed based on lolita style and emphasizes noble and cute attributes.​

Mong Son Ha’s ancient costume has a gentle appearance but shows off its strength in the Competition Area of ​​VNG Fashion Stars – Miracle Nikki

Noon Choir combines lolita style and mysterious, mysterious fashion

Join 6 steps, accumulate quickly first

The rules of the Cloud Island Landscape are encapsulated in the form of participating in the round of receiving items, thereby “contributing to the storm” to achieve complete outfits. To receive spins, gamers need to use stars that can be exchanged for diamonds. Therefore, although it is only an event in the form of a round of luck at VNG Fashion Star – Miracle Nikki, if players prepare and accumulate in advance, they will easily achieve the desired outfit.


Specifically, when gamers have entered the Cloud Island Landscape area, select the Ocean Heart section and use 100 diamonds to exchange for Surrounding Stars. These stars are the “raw materials” for gamers to spin the items of the 2D live set. In addition, the more stars accumulated, the Wish Bottle will be opened, giving players a series of other random accessories from the world of VNG Fashion Stars – Miracle Nikki.

Waiting for “Big” to reappear, not afraid to play it all

While waiting for Cloud Island Scene to reappear over the past time, many VNG Fashion Stars players have accumulated quite a few diamonds to get their spins. In particular, the appearance of costumes with unique effects makes fashionistas even more excited and determined to “accumulate and one day be able to touch 2D live”. This is what shows the special attraction of Big Event Landscape Cloud Island VNG Fashion Stars community – Miracle Nikki, the process of accumulating diamonds is somewhat challenging but STARs are ready to prepare and participate extremely excitedly.

The community has long predicted and expected the appearance of Cloud Island Scene in advance

VNG Fashion Star – Miracle Nikki is the number 1 fashion game on mobile, where fashion lovers can unleash their creativity and become talented stylists. Coming to Vietnam since 2016, the game has a steadily growing number of players over time because it always attracts new, young and enthusiastic gamers to build the VNG Fashion Stars community. In addition, online and offline activities from the board of directors have become an important part to help the community become more connected, have many opportunities to interact and contribute their perspectives to the game. Let’s welcome the impressive return of Cloud Island Landscape and get ready for the upcoming exciting journey with VNG Fashion Star!

VNG Fashion Star (Miracle Nikki) – Creativity to Become a Talented Stylist​

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