Top indie games with extremely unique storylines about to be released in 2024

Sometimes what gamers need is not epic graphics or extremely smooth sword swings like in AAA games, but simply a new plot or shocking plot twists. Below are some titles indie games Quite a potential that we can expect this year.

Silkbulb Test

Inspired by SCP with stories about supernatural entities that cannot be explained by science, Silkbulb Test makes players nervous and sweat because they don’t know what will appear on the screen. The player will be taken into a dark room, where you are sitting in front of a desk with two choice buttons red and yellow. The task is very simple, the player must press that button to answer the questions that appear on the screen in front of him. It starts out feeling pretty bland, like we’re answering questions to verify we’re not robots, but as time goes on, things get weirder and weirder. You cannot predict what horrors are hidden behind the seemingly senseless questions in the game. The Demo version of Silkbulb Test is available on Steam, click here THIS to try it out while waiting for the full version to be released.

My Work Here is Not Yet Done

My Work Here is Not Yet Done is the story of an investigator named Avery, the last surviving member of a scientific expedition. Alone in a remote wilderness, Avery must both collect information to investigate the mystery and find a way to survive in harsh natural conditions. Survival missions make players deeply feel physical pain: hunger, thirst, fatigue, nausea,… while investigation missions are brainstorming phases when having to absorb and interpret a large amount of information. information. Faith, weakness, devotion, loneliness, suffering and fear… all will be in My Work Here is Not Yet Done.

Download Demo game at THIS.



Loveland lets players play the role of a detective who is sent to investigate a strange cult where believers worship… frogs. The leader of this sect is pastor Abram, who has just been denounced for his confusing beliefs and sermons when he insisted that frogs could save God’s sheep from the end of the world. As soon as you arrive in the town of Loveland in Ohio, you realize that there is no trace of humans here, only frogs and frogs. This creature even has the ability to control human minds. Investigate to clarify the story of how the town fell to the frogs.

Try the game at THIS.



In a small Russian town, your every move is watched day and night by a giant policeman with his head down. Not necessarily a villain, but living under the control and scrutiny of others is not pleasant at all. Therefore, the player’s task is to find a way to escape the town safely. Committing any illegal act will immediately result in arrest by the police, so you need to think of every possible way to escape, including the most outrageous things like turning on the radio all night to keep him awake. sleep during the day, then you can take advantage of the time to commit crimes and enjoy freedom.

Zero Losses

Zero Losses is the title horror game Open world inspired by the war between Russia and Ukraine. The gamer plays a logistics soldier, although he does not directly participate in combat, he plays a very important role in the army. While your comrades sacrifice their lives outside the border to protect the Fatherland, you follow the vital road to provide food, medicine, weapons and ammunition. Unlike most war-themed games, Zero Losses does not delve into the action of shooting and killing but focuses on exploiting the consequences of armed conflict.

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