Top deadly viruses in the gaming world

T-Virus – Resident Evil

T-Virus is not the name of a single type of Virus, but is actually a name for a collection of different Virus strains that are modified from the Progenitor Virus, which only exists in the flower called “Stairway of the Sun” in West African. After the Progenitor Virus was discovered by three scientists, Oswell E. Spencer, Edward Ashford, and James Marcus, it was researched as a military project in the hope of strengthening the individuals it infected. .

The breakthrough of this research occurred when James Marcus combined the Progenitor Virus with the DNA of leeches, officially giving birth to the T-Virus that haunted humanity forever. Different from its origin, the T-Virus causes the host to not only die but also develop violent behavior that is difficult to control. The host frequently loses normal logical thinking and develops cannibalistic behavior.


Like other Virus strains, T-Virus contacts the cell membrane and inserts its genetic code into that cell. This cell will absorb the Virus genome and then take control of the main functions to create Virus particles (Virion) similar to the original. The new virions are then released from the host cell and infect surrounding cells. Each strain of T-Virus has a different way of working and produces different types of Zombies depending on time and conditions. One of the first mutants was Lickers – Zombies with completely rotten skin and exposed brains with long tongues used to attack prey.

Green Poison – The Division

This is probably one of the most “real” Viruses in the virtual world when it does not involve fantasy elements like Zombies. Accordingly, Green Poison or Smallpox Variola Chimera, is a mutated Virus from the Smallpox Virus created by Dr. Gordon Amherst, a scientific genius but also an inhumane cruel man. He created this Virus with the purpose of wiping out 95% of the world’s population, and the first point of distribution was New York City right on Black Friday.


One of the startling commonalities between this fictional virus and real-life Covid-19 is the ability to infect during the incubation period. This means that infected people do not show outward symptoms but can still infect others. Green Poison was also created with the intention of living longer in the environment, especially on the currencies where they were first implanted.

Unknown virus – The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead’s virus strain of unknown origin can be considered the most common version we have ever seen. Accordingly, no one knows whether it was born naturally or artificially. Just know one thing: it has existed and still exists in every human body. It has two main states: “hibernation” and “activity”. When hibernating, it resides in human nerve cells and does not have any effect on the body. However, when that body dies, whether naturally or due to external forces, this Virus will suddenly activate and turn that body into a Zombie.. as long as the brain is intact.


Of course, hibernating viruses can also be “activated” through the introduction of active pathogens into the body, usually due to the bite of a Zombie or through an open wound. In this state, if the infected person survives the Zombie attack, there will still be symptoms such as high fever, body pain, extreme fatigue, etc. Until the peak, the entire nervous system Menstruation and body functions will stop completely, officially bringing the victim to death.

However, according to the latest revelation from the creator of The Walking Dead, this Virus spread from an entity that accidentally fell to Earth. Since then it has created a pandemic that has wiped out almost the entire world population.

Unknown virus – The Last of Us

For fans of The Last of Us, the name “Cordyceps Fungus” is no longer strange. This completely real fungus is the culprit responsible for the Zombie pandemic that wiped out 60% of the world’s population. Once infected, the host will take control of their brain functions, turning them into beasts with an unlimited murderous nature. Although this infection is caused by the fungus Cordyceps Fungus, it is itself mutated by an unknown virus strain, acting almost like a “bacteriophage”. For those who don’t know, bacteriophages are the name used to describe viruses that parasitize bacteria.


Solanum – World War Z

Max Brooks’s famous novel World War Z has soon spread to movies and games, gradually building a powerful Zombie empire. But few people know that behind the bloodthirsty foreign objects that almost wiped out humanity and engulfed the mighty armies of many great powers… is a small Virus named Solanum.

It is impossible to know where Solanum came from, but it seems to have existed since the first days humans walked on Earth. When successfully approaching the human body, Solanum uses cells in the frontal lobe to clone and at the same time destroy these cells. Immediately after the brain is successfully infected, all functions in the body will completely stop working, such as the lungs or heart. At the same time, all human characteristics such as personality, personality or all logical thinking disappear completely… giving way to a crazy hunger and thirst for the flesh of living creatures. However, science still cannot explain why the Zombie species’ favorite prey is always humans when they are willing to ignore weaker animals to hunt humans who clearly have weapons and are fast. than them.


In the world of World War Z, the mystery surrounding the question of why infected people can still function without absorbing energy is a mystery (eating meat is simply due to pure hunger, cannot help the body absorb substances because all functions in the digestive system have stopped working). However, scientists have found that each cell in the human body after being infected will act as an independent individual, producing extremely large amounts of oxygen to help the Zombie brain perform the most basic actions. like moving or biting. That’s why they are almost unable to die and are ready to exist forever until their rotting flesh cannot function anymore.

Although the origin of the Solanum Virus cannot be found in nature, World War Z suggests that the epidemic originated in the Yangtze River area in the basin near the Three Gorges Dam, China. In the book, China is considered the place where the pandemic started, but in the film version this element is changed to India. Because of this factor, the book version of World War Z was banned in China when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out here.

THV – Dying Light

THV or Tachytransmissive Harran Virus, is a strain of Virus mutated from rabies, named after the city of Harran in Dying Light. Similar to other Virus strains mentioned, THV has an extremely high ability to transmit disease through oral fluid or blood of the person causing the disease. But one of its characteristics is that it has an extremely short incubation period, causing the nucleobase of DNA to degrade at a rapid rate. The first victim of THV will be the human nervous system and motor function, turning them into creatures that care about nothing more than their own hunger.

There are 4 stages of development of THV once infected and the scariest thing about THV is that its first symptoms are like regular flu viruses. Cough, sweating, fever and chills are the first symptoms of people with THV. In Stage 2, body temperature can reach very high levels from 41 to 43 degrees with the risk of brain death. At this stage, skin lesions begin to appear, and if not physically exhausted, the infected person begins to show signs of strong hallucinations.

In stage 3, more physical changes appear, such as muscle spasms and the infected person has uncontrolled seizures. Entering Stage 4, genetic mutations in the body have a strong impact on the victim and there is no longer a chance to return to normal form. Up to this point, the patient will almost become a bloodthirsty Zombie, regaining the ability to move and even climb extremely skillfully… all to serve his hunger and thirst.

Until now, there are only two ways to control THV or people infected with THV, although only temporarily. The first is the drug Antizin with extremely scarce supply after THV wiped out 98% of the world’s population and brought human civilization to the brink of collapse. The second is UV rays, which survivors equip at the doors of safe houses or strongholds that protect people. But even though you have both of the above, if you accidentally get infected with THV… then the death sentence is the only thing waiting for you.

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