Released 8 years ago, the once hot game continues to set records for the number of players

First launched in 2016, Stardew Valley has continuously affirmed its appeal as one of the most successful life sim games of the era. The game is always praised for its cute graphics, diverse gameplay as well as adorable character system. One of Stardew Valley’s other strengths is that it regularly updates new changes, bringing a new feeling to the gaming community.

Yesterday (March 19), Stardew Valley also welcomed the major update 1.6, causing the number of players accessing the game to skyrocket. According to SteamDB data, this game recorded more than 140,000 concurrent players on Steam – the highest achievement the game has ever achieved.


Update 1.6 will bring players more seasonal festivals, improved crafts, adjusted harvest animations, and added a new type of farm in Stardew Valley. There are also new lines, content, winter outfits for NPCs and many improvements to the quality of life for characters…

It’s not difficult to understand why the gaming community is so excited about this update. In addition to being the biggest patch since its release, this may be the last update of Stardew Valley by the developer. ConcernedApe is gradually shifting to other projects.

It can be said that Stardew Valley is one of the titles indie games is the most popular of all time, attracting tens of thousands of players for 8 years and this number is still increasing. Quality mods from the gaming community as well as regular updates from the publisher itself have helped Stardew Valley gamers have countless content to experience, thereby creating the irresistible appeal of the title. game.

Temporarily, update 1.6 will only be available on PC, mobile and console players will have to wait a little longer to immerse themselves in the new world of Stardew Valley.​

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