Top best Made in Japan Role-playing games in the virtual world (Part 3)

Chrono Trigger

Although Chrono Trigger is the worst version of the one JRPG best ever released, but this is still truly a game worth experiencing, largely thanks to the distinctive graphic style, designed by Toriyama Akira, author of Dragon Ball. The game begins with the disappearance of a young girl at a fair and gradually becomes a story about traveling through time to protect the world from monsters from the future. With the help of a variety of allies, from tech-savvy friends, robots and even frog knights, the player’s mission is to prevent the apocalyptic disaster that is about to strike the world.


The combat element of Chrono Trigger is quite similar to the games Square Enix different from its time, but combining special moves with allies is what makes the game different. When the combat bar is full, two compatible characters will have the option to combine techniques to create completely different effects. For example, Crono’s “tornado” ability uses normal damage to hit all enemies, but if teamed up with Marle with a full mana combat bar, she can imbue Crono with healing magic to turn the storm Turns into a skill that heals all allies. Chrono Trigger brings the joy of discovering unique combos to assist players when fighting as well as overcoming time rifts. This is the game that best demonstrates the quintessence of the JRPG series.​

Grandia HD Remastered

Grandia is a heroic story about a young man who follows his heart and embarks on a challenging adventure after finding a mysterious stone at a temple. Despite possessing an attractive storyline, the elaborate combat element is the highlight of the game. Similar to Final Fantasy games of the time, Grandia has a very interesting active combat system. Depending on the character’s position, the player can use certain attacks such as critical attacks to interrupt enemies about to use high-damage or healing skills.


Compared to other role-playing games released in the 90s with pixelated backgrounds and 2D graphics, Grandia has never become outdated. In addition, the voice acting of the game is also quite interesting. Part 2 of Grandia was also released on PC, but part 1 is still the best game.​

South Park: The Stick of Truth

While the sequel to the South Path series was a tactical RPG, South Park: The Stick of Truth features Paper Mario-style combat. The game revolves around the ‘new kid’ who moves to the town of South Park, where the children are playing a fantasy game, Players will befriend Butters, Kenny and Cartman and try to retrieve the sacred rod of justice. The story quickly turns crazy, with alien abductions, Nazi zombies, and a trip to Canada. South Park: The Stick of Truth attracts players thanks to Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s sense of humor and reliving memories from the TV series South Park.


The game has a quite special combat system. Each action that the ‘new kid’ or South Park resident takes requires the player to operate a button or series of buttons. Everything in South Park: The Stick of Truth is absurd, but this JRPG leaves a deep impression on players thanks to some humorous details after being localized (for the European version and Australia).

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