Fashion Star Nikki is here! “Shining Nikki” Vietnam server officially launched!

Is the sequel to Fashion Star, “Shining Nikki”, the first 3D mobile game in the Nikki series will officially launch at 11:00 today (October 26) in Vietnam. Fashion Star Nikki invites all players to start their adventure in Miraland. Official fanpage of Shining Nikki At the same time, the MV “Infinity Girl” will be announced and online-offline events will also be held to celebrate the release date.

“Shining Nikki – Fashion Goddess” Officially launched in Vietnam!

Fashion game The next generation 3D game “Shining Nikki – Fashion Goddess” has officially launched in Vietnam. We sincerely invite players to come to Miraland and join hands with Nikki to find clues to rescue this land. Experience surprises with thousands of clothing materials and infinite combinations of styles. Players can download the game through the official website and other channels. For more information, please follow Shining Nikki’s official Fanpage.


MV “Infinity Girl” has officially launched, let’s shine together and become Fashion Stars

The MV “Infinity Girl” was officially launched with high-quality 3D modeling technology of “Shining Nikki – Fashion Goddess”. The MV not only shows off Nikki’s exquisite fashion and makeup, but also her graceful movements.


Superstar appears! Gifts up to hundreds of millions of dong are waiting for you

The #365-Day Complete Wardrobe Plan pre-registration event will officially reveal the lucky winner at 8:00 p.m. tonight. “Shining Nikki” will randomly select one lucky player and cover their entire wardrobe with 365 outfits with a total value of up to hundreds of millions of dong. We chose the number 365 to represent each day Nikki accompanies players, as well as to thank Vietnamese players for their love and support. At the same time, many minigames will take place at the same time with rewards being valuable in-game items.


Online and offline events celebrate Nikki’s debut

Nikki will appear and meet players on the big screen of Landmark 81, an iconic building in Ho Chi Minh City! At the same time, fast food stores, universities, and large milk tea shops in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi will also show Nikki videos to support Nikki’s launch in Vietnam. Bloggers will come to Landmark 81 to take photos with Nikki, and a check-in event to receive rewards will also be held at the same time.


Bloggers from many different fields sent their congratulations to Nikki through different expressions. “Shining Nikki – Fashion Goddess”, is the sequel to Fashion Star, which was loved and widely welcomed by many people before.

Today “Shining Nikki: Fashion Goddess” – Vietnam Server was officially launched, Players can download the game through the official website and other channels to start the most authentic shining journey. Server will open at 11:00, after logging in and creating a character, players can receive many pre-scheduled gifts such as clothes, pink diamonds, coins and Fantasy Tickets,… There are also many Surprises are waiting for players to discover.

To download or learn more about the game, readers can access the following addresses:​

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