Top 5 best new Mobile Games released in the second half of July 2021

5. Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets

Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets is a flight simulation game from Atypical Games that allows players to fly through the clouds to real locations in the real world, as well as perform dangerous aerobatics in the machine. Fly your own virtual fighter.

Players can battle for dominance in the skies in their custom jet, with meticulously detailed recreated IRL cities underneath. To do that, you need to participate in training sessions that help evaluate your ability to aim and shoot to improve your skills in combat.

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4. Magic Revenge: Raid Legends

Magic Revenge: Raid Legends is an Idle game designed with a horizontal screen to show off epic action. With a cartoon graphic design that easily captures the preferences of many players, this game is completely suitable for all ages. Even those who are too busy can still enjoy the best results when the squad still fights and collects resources just like when you are playing.

In Magic Revenge Mobile there will be more than 100 heroes from 6 factions with unique skills. Players are recruited and build a team to their liking. In the process of performing missions and challenges, heroes will become stronger through a diverse training system, their strength will constantly increase to easily conquer more difficult battles.

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3. XCOM 2 Collection

The setting in XCOM 2 Collection Mobile revolves around aliens ruling Earth with a new order that promises a brilliant future for those who obey and silences all those who do not. At the edges of the world, the scattered forces of XCOM gather to defend humanity, mount a global resistance, and reclaim the planet.

Players will experience all the features and activities of the turn-based action strategy game of XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, building a patched squad ready to face the challenges. Each challenge in the game is unique thanks to the infinite combination of maps and objectives, giving players great experiences.

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2. Night Book

Night Book is the next FMV (interactive cinema) horror game from Wales Interactive (Deathtrap Dungeon, Saw Black Clouds, Maid of Sker, …), telling the story of a pregnant female interpreter. must work from home, named Loralyn. She is currently living with a sick father, and her husband is away.

Loralyn was somehow tricked into summoning a previously unknown evil. To protect her life as well as her loved ones, that young woman must make wise and correct choices to not put herself in dangerous situations. The fate of the entire family lies in Loralyn’s hands.

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first. Perfect World: Revolution

Perfect World: Revolution is an Eastern fantasy MMORPG with incredible 3D graphics from the China-based developer of the same name. The game reached 1 million pre-registrations in just a few months before its official release.

Perfect World: Revolution is a special case among MMORPGs in the gaming world, as it brings a very different Eastern mythological aesthetic, complete with dragons, beautiful Far Eastern architecture. The game also gives players a race with many classes, then you must venture into a vast fantasy continent for battles, parties and loot-based thrills. . Not only on land, Perfect World: Revolution also allows players to drop into the deep sea or fly high in the sky.

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