Top 3 features to increase power for gamers in Journey to the West VNG: Dai Noo Tam Gioi

After the beginner’s journey, the player will encounter the first disaster, which means the team that has been pumped with all the initial plowing resources is defeated. It’s a cosmic signal that you’ve entered a period of trying and investing more resources into your squad. The following tips may help you enter the game better and have a solid luggage to enter the journey to find the true scriptures and create chaos in the three worlds.


These tips include collecting experience points to level up, farming for resources and combat power. You can apply them all or focus on which group you are missing.

Functions that help level up experience points

Level greatly determines the strength of the squad because if you want to experience combat power-boosting features, you need to reach a certain level. This is based on the level of the main character and other generals on the team will have to use items to increase to equal levels.


There will be two largest and most popular sources that provide EXP points to level up, which are the Adventure mode and story levels. Both of these major functions are provided through the post-match bonus method. For each victorious battle you will be rewarded with an amount of experience points. The third largest source, but sometimes giving a higher amount of experience, is the level sweep function. After passing the level, players will unlock Sweep to receive materials to upgrade Gods. This will be a feature that is always loved by gamers because it brings abundant EXP and upgrade materials. Players can sweep up to 10 matches in 1 turn while saving time and gaining experience.


Similar to clearing levels, Linh Lung Tham Bao provides a large amount of EXP and resources to upgrade Spiritual Weapons – increasing the power of all Generals and is key in PvP because it provides faction resistance points. Therefore, this activity can be considered a quite important secret when it brings many different benefits at the same time. Spirit Weapon is a pretty extensive function that gives you a store of extra power. There are many Spiritual Qi divided into 4 grades: blue, purple, orange and red. You will use your own points to increase them to the highest level and then continue to hunt for the spiritual breakthrough material, causing them to increase their ceiling stats. These stats increase directly to the team’s strength. In addition, Linh Khi also has gem slots to help increase other types of strength in the form of other stats for the team.

Another feature that also provides quite a bit of EXP is the daily quests. When you complete the requirements in daily cyclical activities such as logging into the game, spinning heroes, enhancing items, participating in activities… Depending on each specific task, the system will reward the original, complete materials and EXP.


Welfare – Indirect resource for strength

Even in the early stages, there were quite a few channels to collect materials to increase the stats. They themselves do not create power, but when used for related functions, they help increase combat power in some way.

The most important benefit that you cannot ignore is 10 Thien Giac Hoan every day used to summon generals. Thien Giac Hoan is used to summon Divine Generals, unlock maps, and increase combat power. In addition, when summoning the God General you already own, you can receive a general piece used to upgrade stars – upgrade skills or use it to transform into Heavenly Skills for pieces of the God General that are not in your main squad. This is a permanent benefit so you can just take advantage of it without worrying about it expiring.


Journey to the West VNG also provides the Pho Ban Day function, which is the most intuitive way when it provides important materials such as silver, elixir to break through generals, elixir to increase general level, and materials to refine equipment,… You will have 2 scans per copy per day. When the level reaches the milestone, you can challenge to upgrade the sub-level to help get more and higher quality materials.

In addition, other features also provide many ingredients such as daily activities, peach picking, archery, commissioned patrols, Phuong Thon Hoa Quyen, Nhat Da Tuan Du… they will gradually open through your level milestones. .

Notable sources of combat power

The initial fighting force of course comes from the generals. The better the quality of the generals, the higher the combat power they contribute to the team. This is where Thien Giac Hoan and Nguyen Bao come into play, helping you spin as many generals as possible to choose the most advanced characters to join the squad.


After that, there will be general training activities such as wearing Divine Dress, using fairy wine to increase to the highest level, breaking through generals, general relations, collecting Dharma Treasures, attaching Thien Technique…

However, there are some other secrets to increase combat power besides directly training generals. The first is the interior decoration activity for your Manor. From the number of Linh Thach accumulated in the carp painting and other functions, you can buy more furniture for the Trang Vien. In addition to their decorative effect, they also add to the overall combat power of the team.

A secret that few people expect is that Bach Vat Chi will also increase combat power every time you select a new champion. Just go there and activate the champions you just filmed for the first time and you will have more power for the whole team.


The above are just the secrets to increasing strength in the beginner stage. As you reach higher levels, you will open up more new features and activities. They will help you increase your strength by providing materials or directly increasing the fighting power of your team. As long as you are diligent enough to plow every day and have luck, you will advance very quickly in Journey to the West VNG.

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