Ms. Minh Thu posted an A4-page long letter, explaining the recent series of “scandals” and her plans to become a Streamer?

Known and famous for the image of a beautiful and educated Online Physics teacher, but her series of non-standard behaviors Ms. Minh Thu When she became famous so quickly, this young girl faced a wave of strong criticism from the online community as well as the teachers directly teaching the class.

Specifically, when she first started livestreaming teaching, Ms. Minh Thu called herself Ms. Minh Thu Teacher Minh Thu. In addition to her friendly, easy-to-understand lecture style, what makes this young girl born in 1997 from Nghe An attract the online community is also her pretty appearance and sweet voice. However, as soon as she became famous, Ms. Thu encountered a series of scandals, from not graduating from the Pedagogical School because of course debt, to cursing on the stream, inviting students to play games, soliciting donations, flirting with viewers, and insulting her. scolded the viewers loudly,… While being protested by netizens as well as many teachers, demanding that Ms. Thu take down the “teacher” label, the young girl also had her confession, verbatim. HERE.

“Teacher Minh Thu” has changed her name to “Ms Minh Thu”.

First, the page “Teacher Minh Thu” was renamed “Ms Minh Thu”, and at the same time changed from “Education website” to “Inspirational speaker”. Explaining this change, Ms. Thu did not directly admit that it was due to pressure from the online community but said that “the name change was for greater plans”. Then, to explain her outrageous actions (rolling her eyes, raising her voice), Ms. Thu shared verbatim: “…Because from the very beginning, I determined that the Tiktok platform was the platform for fun and entertaining like a normal Tiktoker, with no intention of sharing knowledge like on Facebook. The eye-rolling clip is in the case of me reacting to someone else’s question, and at that time I was just trying to create content. dung… When making that video, I simply thought it was “funny” and “cool”, but unfortunately, it was not as funny and cool as I thought, making viewers feel offended and contrary to the gentle image of a “teacher” that students still think of me. I apologize for this action. I promise to change and become more aware of my behavior online.”

Not so pretty pictures of Ms. Thu recently.

As for the issue of being accused of lacking teaching expertise when confusing basic knowledge, Ms. Thu explained that the person who replied to the comment was the collaborator on the page, not her. She also admitted that she did not manage and operate the page well, leading to people misunderstanding that she did not grasp basic knowledge.

Fanpage Teacher Minh Thu confused the rule of right hand with left hand.

One of the most painful and criticized aspects of Ms. Thu is issues related to gaming. In addition to being a lecturer and imparting knowledge to others, Ms. Thu is also a completely normal person, “…likes to play games and wants to play with everyone as well as share relaxing moments.” “It’s just my relaxation. But I never thought, planned or knew for sure whether my gaming would unintentionally encourage students to play games or not,” Ms. Thu wrote. The young girl then admitted her mistake and promised to be more responsible so as not to affect the students who followed her.

At the end of the letter, Ms. Thu said that now she will no longer use the title “teacher” but only asked to livestream and make content to convey knowledge as a creator, a content creator. Ms. Minh Thu’s original goal was to bring knowledge to students, so I hope that after realizing her inappropriate actions, Ms. Thu will continue to achieve her original goal and graduate soon, truly Become a teacher standing on the podium.

Hopefully in the future Ms. Minh Thu will rebuild the beautiful image of a person who conveys knowledge to students.

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