Too happy to be sad: Celebrating fiercely for winning the championship, the pro gamer gets injured

When winning a match, especially the finals, celebrations are an indispensable part for the players. However, he celebrated so intensely that he got injured like him pro gamer Below, it’s true that happiness turns into sadness.​


Pro gamer Alex ‘CakeAssault’ Strobel had a difficult tournament experience as he had to overcome 245 opponents if he wanted to get his hands on the tournament championship. Rivals of Aether was held last Sunday in Sandusky, Ohio (USA). Perhaps that’s why he was extremely happy and excited when he won the final match. He jumped out of his chair and waved his arms to celebrate the victory.

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But right at this moment, fans saw Alex suddenly clutching his arms and falling down on the stage. The male gamer then tried to stand up and continue his celebration. On his personal Twitter, Alex revealed that the reason he fell down was due to the pain of dislocating his shoulder. Perhaps those large arm movements were the cause of this injury.​


According to the Cleveland Clinic, top gamers like Alex often have to perform up to 600 operations per minute on the controller, and those repetitive operations cause frequent injuries to the players’ thumbs, wrists, and elbows. Perhaps Alex should take a few days to rest to recover his health before continuing to practice and compete.

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