Palworld is not worried about being sued by the Pokemon developer for plagiarism

Palworld – title survival game Latest from the developer Pocket Pair, is a name receiving the attention of the global gaming community with impressive sales of more than 6 million copies and more than 1.5 million online players at the same time on Steam. But besides the success, the controversy surrounding the game is also equally “famous”.

Although the approach and gameplay are quite novel, that cannot clear up the suspicion of plagiarism Pokemon by Palworld. Many Pals (monsters) have shapes similar to Pokemon, such as Lucario Gen 4, Garchomp Gen 4 or Toxtricity Gen 8…


But the developer Pocket Pair doesn’t seem too concerned about this issue. Sharing with Japanese news agency Automation, CEO and main developer Takuro Mizobe of Pocket Pair said: Palworld has overcome all the necessary legal barriers to prove no copyright infringement. Mizobe also affirmed that, at least until now, there has been no legal action against Palworld even though comparison images of the two games are spreading online.

In another interview, Mizobe said that Palworld borrowed a lot of inspiration from Pokemon because it is a “great predecessor” for all games in the creature collection genre in general. However, compared to Nintendo’s iconic IP, Palworld is more similar to Studio Wildcard’s action-adventure survival game Ark: Survival Evolved.

What do you think about this issue? Will Palworld face copyright infringement lawsuits?​

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