Too busy playing and forgetting to eat or sleep, the Hollywood actor personally destroyed his favorite game disc

Surely all of us have at one time forgotten to eat or sleep because we were so busy playing games that we forgot to eat or sleep James McAvoy Is no exception. He was so addicted to the game that he had to destroy the game disc himself so as not to affect his work and life.​


James McAvoy once captivated countless audiences through his role in Atonement

James McAvoy is a Scottish actor, known to many audiences for his role as Robbie Turner in Atonement or young Professor Xavier in the X-Men film series. Recently, on the occasion of participating in the adventure game project 12 Minutes, James McAvoy shared a few things about his crazy gaming past. He revealed that in 2006, he was infatuated The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to the point of affecting the filming of Becoming Jane.

James McAvoy started playing the game at 8pm and didn’t leave it until 5:35am the next morning. Just 10 minutes later, he had to get in the car to go to the filming location without having time to sleep. After a while, James realized he had to take drastic action to end this, so he took out his Xbox 360 version of the game Oblivion, turned on the gas stove, and burned it.​


The 42-year-old actor was away from the game for a decade, until he returned to FIFA with his young son. After that, James also tried playing Call of Duty: Warzone with his friends during a long stay at home due to the pandemic.

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