Early review of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League – More criticism than praise

First preview of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice Leaguean upcoming title from WB and Rocksteady, now available in many stores. Although there are some positive reviews, most people who try it are not really excited about the game. Everyone agreed that Suicide Squad Rocksteady’s combination of boring open-world missions and inconvenient traversal makes for an overall bad experience.


Announced back in 2020 and delayed a few times, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is set in the same universe as Rocksteady’s previous Batman: Arkham games. Since its announcement, fans have been less than enthusiastic about the game, partly because it’s not a new Batman game and partly because every time gamers see more of it – through trailers or leaked information – it reveals more and more shortcomings. Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad appears to be a live-service game (a genre that would have a lot of options to “extort” gamers from), even if the studio doesn’t seem to want to admit it. But the latest previews seem to confirm the above speculation, depicting Suicide Squad as very similar to Destiny and other live-service shooters.


Below are some previews of famous newspapers about Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League:

Although each mission has different objectives, they all have the same format of fighting waves of enemies while moving back and forth between rooftops….” Gamespot.

“I (started to) feel the similarity from many of the missions (…) I really hope that as the game progresses, there will be more types of combat instead of ‘beat them all’ missions. either the enemy is at point A’ or ‘protecting point B’.” Game Informer.

“Imagine that every time you defeat a wave of enemies, you are left waiting with nothing to do. This is exactly what happened during an important story mission, with completely unnecessary interruptions.” – IGN

Metropolis is a vast, vertical, polluted maze of buildings with no clear paths or recognizable landmarks. It’s a battle scene that’s difficult to navigate, without the aid of a simple little radar map to find enemies and friends alike. With intense explosions, special effects, damage counts, mission markers… all on screen at once, it all seems a bit difficult to control..” – Eurogamer


In short, the criticisms leveled at Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad include: repetitive missions, annoying combat and movement, characters that don’t make a difference, lack of open world vitality, big battles are quite chaotic and difficult to control…

However, the game does not completely receive criticism. The cutscenes are described as great, the plot seems to be very engaging mixed with humorous jokes. Another point that was praised was the balance between co-op and competition, where players, while coordinating with teammates, will also compete against each other’s scores and create interesting experiences.


In short, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League doesn’t look like it’s going to be the blockbuster sequel that it was. Batman Arkham did it. The game has a few bright spots, but more are forgettable things. Perhaps, players should consider carefully before deciding to empty their wallets, unless you are a passionate fan of DC and Rocksteady.​

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