TLBB2 VNG: Explore from A to Z the Kinh Van feature in the new version Tinh Tuc Xa Anh

Once joined Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG, becoming a gangster is always the strongest ideal of any player. This journey is not easy to conquer and also requires the player’s effort, but it will be much shorter if gamers collect the right tips for themselves. Appearing in the new version Tinh Tuc Xa Anh, the Kinh Van system is a treasure trove of knowledge for characters to reach the peak of their strength and become invincible in Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG.


Kinh Van system – a treasure trove of knowledge for attack and destruction

With a huge number, the Kinh Van system at Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG also allows players to explore many skills based on the special moves they desire. This omnipotence is achieved by the Kinh Van system developed based on the three doctrines of Buddhism – Taoism – Confucianism, corresponding to the strength skills of Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG gamers. These three types of Texts include the Buddhist Texts (PvE knowledge to kill monsters and eliminate demons), the Taoist Texts (PvP knowledge to challenge gangsters) and the Confucian Texts (knowledge to master Pearl Beast). Each type of Sutra contains knowledge of each different field, so players need to determine the goals they want to develop, helping their wandering journey become more successful and smooth.


Seeing the power of Kinh Van is one thing, but to reach Kinh Van, gamers need to reach level 80, along with the ability to break through the mind to the 14th floor. Right now, players can unlock Kinh Van. In the new interface, you can view the attribute indexes of each type of Text, from which you can choose your own powerful moves. The interesting thing about mastering the Classics is the opportunity to demonstrate the player’s ability to evaluate situations and acumen in focusing on self-improvement. With an interface and mechanism relatively similar to the Tuyet Hoc skill, gamers can easily understand the indicators and effectiveness that each system brings.


The secret to collecting and leveling up Kinh Texts

Each Kinh Text treasure has a different ownership method, which can be seen as a challenge for players to overcome if they want to reach the ultimate skill. To collect Buddhist Texts and become a PvE god of war or fight in PK battles, Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG players need to pass a challenge level of 82 or higher. Particularly, places like the Painting Shop Limited Hours and Doi Luan Kiem shop will help players collect Taoist Sutras, improve their fighting ability and affirm their boundless power.


Possessing the Sutras in hand, the player can proceed to level up or Nirvana by using the Sutras of the same type. Players should note that the system will refund scripture fragments if using leveled up scriptures and return star-leveled scriptures if Nirvana consumes higher level scriptures. Nirvana has a maximum level of 5 stars, Nirvana Sutras are at maximum or do not need to be used, you can click to split to get a piece of Sutras, serving for Research and Cultivation. Above all, the Orange and Yellow Text Sutras will give a synergistic effect when equipped with all 3 Text Texts in the same set. The higher the star level of the set, the stronger its effects.


The Kinh Van system was launched to help increase combat power and greatly support characters on their wandering path. It can be seen that this is a feature that promises to greatly change your character on the path to conquering Thien Long Hoan My.

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