Titanfall 2 suddenly has a new mode after nearly 7 years of release


Titanfall 2 released one New game mode after nearly seven years of launch. This is a surprise because this game has not received any major updates in a long time. Titanfall 2 is one of the best first-person shooters out there, with great gunplay and movement mechanics. The new game mode is exciting news for fans of the series who have felt left out by the Respawn Entertainment.

Titanfall launched in 2014 and is an exclusive game for Xbox. The game only had a multiplayer mode and was not well received by critics, but this did not prevent Respawn from releasing Titanfall 2 two years later. The new game has a pretty good single-player campaign, is multi-platform and is considered a great improvement compared to its predecessor. However, Titanfall 2 was released at the wrong time and was surpassed by games like Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


Recently, alphaINTEL, an account specializing in reporting on Titanfall and Apex Legends, discovered that Titanfall 2 has a new game mode displayed as “???”. This game mode allows players to fire an unlimited number of missiles, providing an opportunity to lure gamers back to Titanfall 2 and make things explode.

Many fans have been wondering if this means the franchise will return? A few days ago, some fans theorized that Titanfall 3 might finally launch after seeing a cryptic announcement in Apex Legends. This announcement used several numbers related to the release dates of previous games in the series. However, gamers should not get their hopes up because Titanfall 3 has been canceled after nearly a year of development. According to the developers, several issues related to multiplayer as well as a dwindling player base caused the project to be abandoned a few years ago.

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