Days Gone released a Mod to increase the number of Zombies


Days Gone The PC version has modders adjusting a series of factors from weapons, equipment, and even the movement speed of the zombies. However, recently, one unique mod has brought the challenge of Days Gone to a new level.

Modder Aigmir created a copy mod changes the number of zombies in Days Gone. Zombie herds are always a big threat in the game’s world, with numbers ranging from 50 to 500 zombies/herd. 40 of these zombies will “hang around” and wait for an opportunity to attack Deacon. The new mod increases the size of the zombie herd from 280 to 600 with a larger lead boss.


However, giant zombie herds will have random spawn locations and numbers. Modder Aigmir said that in addition to increasing the number of zombies, he wanted to follow developer Bend Studio’s plan in distributing the location of each zombie herd according to number. The zombie hordes are divided into five different levels (five being the highest level) and will appear in familiar locations. The largest zombie herd of 670 zombies will appear at Mount Bailey.

Confronting head-on or choosing to hide in front of a horde of 670 zombies is truly a dramatic challenge, so the mod will probably be suitable for players who have experience handling large zombie hordes. smaller tissue. If you want to try it, you can download the mod on Nexus Mods here and pay attention to the modder’s instructions.


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