Tinh Tuc – a super product of long-range internal attack and unique attack officially appeared at TLBB2 VNG

Continuing the joyful atmosphere and togetherness to celebrate his 1st birthday Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG, the game continues to entertain players with the new version Tinh Tuc Xa Anh. As the name suggests, the biggest update of this version is the launch of Tinh Tuc – a mysterious and unique sect in the original Thien Long Bat Bo. This is also the 8th sect and also the first evil sect in Thien Long Hoan My.

Tinh Tuc Xa Anh version officially launched on December 26, 2023

Tinh Tuc – Decoding the mystery of the Doc Cong sect

Tinh Tuc officially left the mountain, joining Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG in the December update and promises to become a force that changes the power order of the martial arts world. According to the original work, the Tinh Tuc sect was founded by the old monster Tinh Tuc – Dinh Xuan Thu when he went to the Tinh Tuc Hai region to search for the masterpiece Tomb of Tomb of Ba Vi and Bac Minh Than Cong of the Tieu Dao sect.

Tinh Tuc is the 8th sect of the game Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG

Dinh Xuan Thu is very famous for Hoa Cong Dafa, a technique that can destroy the opponent’s internal force in just a moment. The old monster also has the ability to make poison, making everyone in the world afraid. When it comes to Tinh Tuc’s martial arts, surely every “hardcore fan” knows about the heavenly methods of practicing martial arts, making poisons or hidden weapons to enhance actual combat abilities.

The efforts of the Tinh Tuc sect in the original work are also conveyed almost completely in Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG. Specifically, the Tinh Tuc sect possesses a cold, mysterious appearance along with an extremely “cool” crescent weapon. When performing moves, the disciples of the Tinh Tuc sect, from effects to operations, are agile, accurate and very unique, creating a beautiful eye-catching effect in each attack.

Dinh Xuan Thu – founder of the Tinh Tuc sect in the original work Thien Long Bat Bo

Tinh Tuc is a sect that is purely one-man attack, with long-range internal attack characteristics. This will be a formidable sect and make opponents wary because it can cause a huge amount of damage. With the reputation of being unrivaled poisoners in the world, with many unique internal attacks, the gaming community is ready to oppose each other and join the Tinh Tuc sect today.

Tinh Tuc’s power is excellent from skill to mentality

In the new version Tinh Tuc Xa Anh, famous moves of Dinh Xuan Thu’s disciples such as Doanh Doanh Thu Thuy, Hu Thi Doc, Tam Tieu Tieu Dao Tan,… and a series of other moves will be used in Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG brings gamers experience. With the forte of great damage, increasing over time and the ability to self-regenerate vitality and nirvana, Tinh Tuc is predicted to become the best PK sect in the world, creating a series of disadvantages for enemies from every side.

Tinh Tuc’s damage, attack, and survival moves terrify opponents

What makes Tinh Tuc interesting is the ability to flexibly switch between attack modes ( Doanh Doanh Thu Thuy ) or recovery modes ( Kho Moc Phung Xuan ). Doanh Doanh Thu Thuy awakens the ability to deal continuous damage, upgrading Hu Thi Doc to Lien Chau Hu Thi Doc with outstanding damage. Dry Moc Phung Xuan helps the character receive a stronger vitality regeneration effect when upgrading Reverse Vitality to Reverse Vitality but will lose some of the damage. Or the Tam Tieu Tieu Dao Tan feature, this is the first poison of Tinh Tuc. According to the original, the poisoned person will lose their life after 3 laughs. In Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG, the poisoned person will die after 9 seconds. take additional spike damage based on previous damage received.


Regardless of the sect, it will have its own advantages and disadvantages, so players should consider and have knowledge of moves and build reasonable characters to roam around Thien Long Hoan My. At the same time, the Executive Board also creates conditions for new players to own Tinh Tuc right from the beginning when creating a new character without having to go through the stage of Establishing a Sect.

To experience the magical beauty and “deep martial arts” power of Tinh Tuc, come to Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG and immediately conquer the new version of Tinh Tuc Xa Anh with a series of attractive updates.
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