Thought it had been shelved, the prequel Mobile Game Aion 2 was suddenly announced by NCSoft


Aion 2 was first revealed in 2018 and since then, fans have always been eagerly waiting for new news surrounding this game. During the recent Promotion Conference of NCSoftsome sources have revealed that this major game company is planning to bring Aion 2 will be released next year, 2022.

With Korean developers, we often see them release their products in the domestic market before entering the global market a few years later. However, this time NCSoft does not want to continue this “tradition” but wants to release Aion 2 on the international market right after its launch. Although the company has made its intentions clear, nothing has been confirmed yet. However, this is still good news for all international fans who are eagerly waiting for the release of Aion 2.

Aion 2 is a Mobile MMORPG Game developed based on the IP of the popular PC Online Game Aion. The game’s plot and context take place 900 years before the PC version, so this game is considered a “prequel” version. Aion 2 will still retain the unique features from the PC version, players can still participate in large-scale PvP battles from different servers, but there will still be unique elements that the original version has. PC is not available.

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