The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales – Game based on the masterpiece of the same name officially launched globally


Recently, global mobile game publisher Com2us cooperated with Skybound Entertainment to launch a new puzzle role-playing game, set in the post-apocalyptic universe of the original comic book. The Walking Dead. Now, fans of The Walking Dead series can experience this game on Google Play and Apple App Store platforms.

With a thrilling, engaging storyline that closely follows the storyline of the comic book series, The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales promises to bring players exciting combat experiences based on the application of knowledge and intelligence to Solve tricky puzzles to overcome difficult challenges and gather other survivors to build a powerful territory. Players will participate in Match 3 style battles by connecting rows of blocks of the same color to cause consecutive destructive attacks to the undead. Players need to collect energy and use weapons to gain the upper hand in this tough battle. In addition, making weapons is also very important in battle to gain certain tactical advantages. The leader needs to build and upgrade facilities to help his town become stronger while also being able to unlock and recruit new survivors.


“At Skybound Entertainment, we strive to deliver great stories in any form, and The Walking Dead fans have given us the opportunity to always push the boundaries,” said the President of Skybound Entertainment. yourself and become even better.” “Match 3 Tales is a perfect game where fans can decide how exciting the match will be in the storyline of The Walking Dead,” Skybound Games managing partner said in an interview.


With beautiful graphics featuring the series’ signature comic book art style, The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales recreates familiar settings interwoven with new stories while still retaining the content of the original The Walking Dead. Players must overcome new dangerous missions such as daily and weekly special challenges and fight other opponents in PvP Raids or form a fighting group to take down tough bosses for a limited time. Players will face large-scale battles with other player alliances in All-Out War, compete for glory in Woodbury Arena or climb Highrise Hell to receive increasing rewards on each level. prison.

“The Walking Dead has changed the way stories are told and allows players to build a compelling, fictional world while adding their own unique twists,” said Com2uS USA President. Working with Skybound Entertainment and developer Novacore, we are honored to reimagine this world through a new perspective with puzzle gameplay and engaging RPG elements. Longtime fans and new players alike will find the new game’s genre and story refreshing.”

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