Talent does not wait for age, the 16-year-old boy makes billions of dong by trading consoles and Pokemon cards

Since Sony and released by Microsoft PS5 and Xbox Series Xboth systems console. console These are constantly sold out and extremely difficult to find. The same goes for Pokemon cards. Rare card auctions with amounts up to hundreds, even billions of dong are not uncommon. Quickly catching market trends, a boy earned billions of dong by investing in consoles and Pokemon cards and then reselling them at high prices to earn commissions.


In just 18 months, Max Hayden has earned $1.7 million in total revenue from reselling PS5, Xbox Series X and Pokemon cards. Minus capital and sales costs, the actual profit the boy earned was about $110,000 (2.53 billion VND), a truly astonishing amount for a 16-year-old boy.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Hayden resold the PS5 and Xbox Series X for $1,100 each, more than double their retail price ($500). Nearly a year since its launch, the supply of this new generation console is still extremely scarce due to the impact of the epidemic. Many players do not want to wait and have to accept paying a higher price to own one. especially when many blockbusters are preparing to be released on the platform. In addition to consoles, Hayden also sells Pokemon cards, sports shoes and other hard-to-buy items.


Speaking of console shortages leading to hoarding, both Sony and Microsoft are well aware. Managing director PlayStation, Jim Ryan, said the company is trying to work with retailers so that the PS5 can go directly to consumers, avoiding excessively high prices. However, with the current epidemic situation and chip shortage, the problem of console scarcity will still continue at least until the end of this year, or maybe not until early 2022, before it can be resolved.

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