The studio behind the Borderlands series is about to separate from Embracer Group?

Gearbox Softwarethe studio behind the game series Borderlands famous, may soon leave the parent company, according to an insider. Embracer Group acquired developer Borderlands in 2021.

Gearbox’s departure from Embracer Group will likely not happen alone. Early on February 29, it was rumored that Embracer Group was selling Saber Interactive to private investors for $500 million. Saber is the studio behind the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and before fans could worry, they reassured that they would continue working on the highly anticipated project. Selling the above studios is part of Embracer Group’s cost-cutting efforts, and it is certain that many other studios will continue to be sold off in the near future.


Jason Schreier, who first reported Saber’s passing, responded to a fan about Gearbox’s fate at Embracer Group. Schreier’s answer was simply: “Stay tuned.” It seems to suggest that Gearbox may soon leave Embracer Group, or at least is in talks about doing so. Schreier further detailed that another Embracer subsidiary, Volition, was also in talks and sell-off but later failed. It cannot be ruled out that the Gearbox sell-off negotiations will have a similar result, so fans should not take this news as a certainty yet. Regardless, the Potential changes to Gearbox have made Borderlands fans even more excited, as their favorite developer could escape the grip of Embracer Group, a corporation that has a very bad reputation among fans. grave in recent years.


As for the studio’s future, Gearbox’s CEO recently teased his next project, calling it “Best thing we’ve ever done”. It’s not yet confirmed whether this will be a sequel to the Borderlands series, but it’s a possibility that many people believe in. It’s been nearly two years since the last Borderlands game, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, was released, so it’s no wonder that a sequel to the series is in the works. The studio probably wants to take advantage of the momentum created by the Borderlands movie, which is due out later this year.

The first trailer for the Borderlands movie was released last week and showcased impressive visual effects and action scenes. However, some Borderlands fans are not happy with this trailer, specifically with Tiny Tina’s role in it.

As part of the film’s promotional campaign, Gearbox released a promo code that can be used to get five golden keys in most Borderlands games. Although Gearbox hasn’t specified the availability period, fans should still get them soon before the change happens.

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