Epic Games Store and Steam finally have Cross-Play support


One of the biggest problems with multiplayer games on PC seems to have been eliminated, because Epic Games Store and Steam are starting to support cross-play through new cross-compatibility tools for developers, allowing players to experience the game on different launchers.

For users who are using both Steam and Epic Games Store alternately to play games, this is really annoying. While apps like GOG Galaxy have long added cross-compatibility with the Epic Games Store and Steam, the two biggest game publishing platforms on PC are quite difficult to “coexist” with – especially when players try to Tried to play a game available on both launchers, like Dead by Daylight or Fall Guys, and found that their progress did not match.

This appears to be finally changing, as Epic has released a new free “plug-and-play” PC toolkit that allows developers to easily implement cross-play support across launchers. All are designed to “give developers everything they need to connect their games with communities across platforms and stores.”

According to Epic’s introduction, the initial tool allows developers to implement cross-play between games on Steam and the Epic Games Store, with console and even mobile functionality “coming soon.” The tool includes friend list merging, account linking, game invitation integration, etc.

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