The Sinking City 2 will focus on horror elements instead of detective puzzles like its predecessor

Developer Frogwares announced The Sinking City 2 will launch on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2025.

Once again back to 1920s America in style Lovecraftian Typically, this sequel will tell a separate and independent story from the previous part.

However, as detailed in last night’s Xbox Developer Direct, this second installment will focus more on the genre horrified, instead of being in the puzzle adventure genre like the first part. The game will also take full advantage of technical advances when built with Unreal Engine 5.​


Sergiy Oganesyan, CEO of Frogwares, said: “The Sinking City remains one of our most successful titles, most likely due to its penchant for horror and its setting..” He added: “We’ll mix things up to continue creating what people love – meaning story-rich experiences – while adding other developments.”

It’s exciting but at the same time risky. We are a completely independent studio that has been famous for its detective games for the past 24 years. But we need to start taking bolder steps. The industry is changing and we want to ensure the studio’s future is secure.”


The detective feature will now be an option – a way to discover new details in the game’s story, but never become an obstacle to the player’s progress.

Frogwares will be looking for a bit more funding for The Sinking City 2 development via Kickstarter. The studio says that will help provide “additional safety” during development and pay for “some additional features.”


Based in Kyiv, Frogwares has certainly been influenced by the war between Russia and Ukraine over the past two years, which was also the time the studio developed and released Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened in 2023. The airline has provided regular updates on how it is dealing with the situation it faces.

Earlier this year, the company resolved the legal dispute with publisher Nacon and became the sole owner of The Sinking City. That helps them to completely focus on developing the next part of the game.

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