Share Your Voice – A series of streamers suddenly spoke up to share their professional journey with GG Live

With explosive growth in recent years, streamer is now an attractive job for many young people and is even considered a “symbolic career of the 4.0 era”. After the success of a series of early famous streamers, new classes of young streamers are also gradually appearing and somewhat making a big splash in the streaming community.

With their youthfulness, dynamism and new entertainment content, they have brought a breath of fresh air to the Vietnamese streaming industry and have since become talented and influential content creators of the new generation. Great impact on young people who like to watch streams. However, there are still many things that you do not know about the world of streamers and GG Live with the #Shareyourvoice campaign ready to reveal it to you.

Watching their stream for a long time, have you ever wondered when the screen is off, what our streamers think and do?

#Shareyourvoice is a campaign to help spread the voice of GG Live’s Streamer community with the participation of talented young streamers such as Quang Cuon, Quynh Alee, Kami brocade, Commentator Van Tung, Ha Tieu Phu, Duy Com, Mai Anh Tai, Martian Cat, Spider Gaming and YuGi. All are talented young streamers, but is their path to becoming a streamer easy?

Behind that success and “aura” is a long journey with the endless efforts of the streamers themselves. Have you ever thought about quitting your current job and spending 9 years pursuing the path of a professional streamer? Do you dare to leave your family’s arms to realize your dream of becoming a Streamer from scratch?

From being a League of Legends commentator, why did Van Tung turn to the streamer path?

Or have you ever thought that after a few months, or even overnight, you would become famous and well known? Who could be so lucky? But my friend, their journey to becoming a streamer is a lonely journey full of difficulties and pressures that they don’t know who to share with.

What has female streamer Cat Mars gone through to pursue her passion?

But when they look back, that journey has brought them many valuable things, helping them become stronger in the face of turbulence as well as development opportunities that only streamer work can bring. And there are many other interesting things that Streamers and GG Live are waiting for you to discover and watch through #Shareyourvoice.

What else do you not know about streamers? Let #Shareyourvoice help you answer

With #Shareyourvoice, untold stories in the career journey of Streamers will be revealed for the first time: How did Streamers get to their current jobs, what difficulties did they experience and what successes did they achieve? What do you achieve with your career? Each video has the unique color and style of each Streamer and thereby helps the audience have a different view of them and the work they are pursuing.

Making the community more open to the Streaming industry and making this industry popular in Vietnam while bringing Vietnamese talents to the world is the driving force for the platform. livestream GG Live tries hard every day. Through #Shareyourvoice, GG Live also wants to turn individual inspirational stories into practical actions to develop other young talents.

Along with efforts to develop the Streaming industry in Vietnam, GG Live with the #Shareyourvoice campaign hopes to join Streamers in bringing positive values ​​to the community, changing people’s prejudices and thoughts about Streamer work. and join hands to build the Vietnamese Streaming community. Watch and listen to what Streamers share with #Shareyourvoice.

For more information about the #Shareyourvoice campaign as well as the GG Live livestream platform, readers can visit:​

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