The plot of Lies of P: Pinocchio is told in a Souls-like style


Lies of P Definitely one of the titles Souls-like best released in 2023. Similar to FromSoft’s games, Lies of P’s unique storytelling style also often makes players feel lost and unable to fully understand the main plot. Below, GameHub will summarize the plot of Lies of P into 12 chapters to help readers easily follow.

Chapter 1

Lies of P begins with the main character P being awakened by a blue butterfly. Following the instructions of the voice coming from the butterfly, or Sophia, P left the train car where he had just woken up and headed to the hotel to meet her. During this process, P finds a hand lantern, inside is Gemini, who will act as his guide. This is a character directly related to the “talking cricket” in the original work Pinocchio.


At this point, we learn that this is Krat, a city where Alchemists discovered the rare mineral Ergo. Using this mineral, Geppetto, a genius Alchemist, created the mechanical heart, a battery that could power automatons. With them, Geppetto became the father of puppets, and brought Krat into the age of automation, making the city a modern and prosperous metropolis.

However, right before the game begins, the puppets serving the city rebelled, causing a bloody massacre called Puppet Frenzy. Now, Krat’s streets are littered with human corpses and killer puppets still roam in search of survivors. P, after many difficulties, even having to defeat the Parade Master, a giant puppet who used to work at the circus, finally reached the door of the Krat Hotel. However, to be allowed inside, P had to lie that he was a human. This is the first time P lies in the entire game, which is also a testament to P’s humanity, and what makes the main character different from other puppets.


Chapter 2

After entering the Krat Hotel, P is finally met by Sophia, who then helps him increase his strength using Ergo. Sophia is the daughter of the leader of the Alchemy Guild, Valentinus Monad. The Monad family holds a prestigious and influential position in Krat history. Sophia possesses a unique ability inherited from her mother, called “Listener”, which allows her to hear Ergo and communicate with puppets. Sophia obviously plays the role of the emerald-haired fairy who helps Pinocchio transform into a real person in the original work.


Besides Sophia, Pinocchio is also introduced to other survivors such as Antonia, the hotel owner, and Eugenie, the weapons expert. There is also a not-so-crazy puppet, Polendina, who works as a secretary and serves Antonia. Antonia is clearly suffering from the petrification disease, which broke out and spread rapidly in Krat before Puppet Frenzy took place. P is tasked with rescuing Geppetto, who was last seen on Elysion Avenue, a street on the other side of the Krat Hotel.

After searching, P came across Geppetto hiding in a caravan after being attacked by a stalker (mercenary) named Mad Donkey. He was angry with Geppetto for creating the puppets, which caused the Puppet Frenzy massacre and caused his teammates to die. P killed Mad Donkey to save Geppetto, who thanked P that he was happy to see him doing well. Geppetto soon assigns P the task of destroying the Scrapped Watchman, a giant puppet that is terrorizing City Hall.


Chapter 3

After defeating the Scrapped Watchman, Geppetto returned safely to the hotel. Here, he can proceed with upgrading P-Organ, or P’s mechanical heart, which sets him apart from other puppets. Geppetto guides P from City Hall to Venigni Works, a factory owned by Venigni, a businessman who built the factory with Geppetto to produce puppets. The factory has now been controlled by crazy puppets to increase their numbers.


At the factory, P accidentally encountered Venigni, who had been abandoned by the stalkers he hired and was hiding here. P is able to rescue Venigni and his butler puppet Pulcinella, as well as regain control of the factory from the puppets by taking down their leader, Fuoco. After defeating Fuoco, we will discover that the puppets are all controlled by someone called the Puppet King.

Chapter 4

Once Venigni and Pulcinella are safely returned to Hotel Krat, P is able to leave the factory to find the refugees hiding in the nearby church. Before reaching the cathedral, P ran into Atoned in Moonlight Town, who blocked P’s path and warned him about the mutant corpses that had invaded the place.


With no other choice but to defeat Atoned to continue, P went to the cathedral, then encountered mutant corpses and defeated them. In the cathedral there are still some survivors such as Giangio, a pharmacist who is searching for the Gold Coin Tree to cure his petrification disease, a nun named Cecile and a stalker named Alidoro. P then finds the mutant Archbishop Andreus and after defeating him, we are shown a mysterious figure siphoning Ergo from the first four bosses he defeated.

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