The most contradictory love stories in the gaming world

In the gaming world, there are many beautiful love stories but unfortunately they don’t always have a Happy Ending. Below, let’s join GameHub to learn about the love relationships that make players heartbroken.

James Sunderland and Mary Shepherd-Sunderland (Silent Hill 2)

James and Mary were originally a normal couple with an extremely happy life… However, misfortune struck when Mary contracted an incurable disease. Her personality began to change and always tormented James. Doctors said Mary would only live a few years and there was no cure. To end his wife’s suffering, James decided to personally end Mary’s life. But along with that, the feeling of guilt always surrounds James.​


Silent Hill 2 has many different endings depending on the player’s choice, but in In Water – the ending most recognized by many players, James chose to commit suicide. He drove the car with Mary’s body and plunged into Toluca Lake. Even though he was “punished” by having to endure the horrors of Silent Hill, it seems that was still not enough for James to forgive himself after his wife’s death.

Isaac Clarke and Nicole Brennan (Dead Space)

Nicole is a doctor at a facility for people leaving Unitology, and she meets and falls in love with Isaac – the son of a patient she is treating. During treatment, Nicole allowed Isaac’s mother to return to her family because she thought this would help her condition. However, while she was away, Isaac’s mother suddenly became seriously ill, went crazy, killed her husband and then committed suicide. Isaac blamed all the blame on Nicole and ended the call with her in a rage.​


Then USG Ishimura – the ship where Nicole was living, encountered a problem. When Isaac returned here, he continuously received phone calls from “Nicole”. Isaac kept chasing that clue and carried out all the instructions she gave her over the phone. In the end, Isaac was shocked to realize that “Nicole” was just an illusion manipulated by Marker with the purpose of taking advantage of him. In fact, when the Necromorphs attacked and destroyed the last shelter on the ship, Nicole chose to kill herself to avoid the tragic outcome of being torn apart. That also meant that she lost her life before Isaac returned to USG Ishimura, that call full of scolding and resentment was the last time the two of them saw each other.

2B and 9S (Nier: Automata)

It has not been confirmed whether the two are an official couple or not, but whether it is friendship or love, it is certain that 2B and 9S still have a very special relationship. As an Android created only to perform missions, throughout his life, 9S never had friends or partners, until 2B appeared. He had gained a friend, the person he cared about more than anything. As for 2B, she also gave him the most respectful feelings.​


However, 2B is on a mission to kill Androids that have or are about to discover humanity’s secrets. As an Android of the high-level Scanner (scanning, exploration…) class, 9S is always the closest to this secret. Each time, 2B had to personally kill 9S and erase his memory. However, because he is an Android, 9S can still come back to life, but everything about 2B in him is gone. He started getting acquainted with 2B again from the beginning as a stranger. They fall into an eternal loop that never ends: 2B always remembers and 9S always forgets, it’s like a curse that forever clings to 2B.

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