Applying knowledge from Anime to save lives, Japanese youth was awarded a certificate of merit by the fire department

On September 29, Department fire fight Kagoshima City, Japan awarded a certificate of merit to an 18-year-old man living in Kamimoto ward for his bravery in preventing a fire from breaking out at his residence. In particular, what helped him calmly stop the incident fire It’s thanks to…the ministry anime Enen No Shouboutai (or Fire Force/Firefighter Squad).

Enen No Shouboutai.

It is known that the fire broke out at around 11:50 a.m. on August 15 at the entrance of a two-story wooden house in the Kamimoto neighborhood. Young man Sakuraga Kawazu, a resident of the area, was on his way to a grocery store when he accidentally discovered the fire. Realizing that the fire inside was growing, he calmly called 119 and quickly rang the bell and knocked on the door to alert the 70-year-old woman who lived alone in the house. The owner of the house was preparing to go to bed at this time, but after being informed he successfully put out the fire himself.

At the awarding ceremony at the central fire station, captain Kanji Yoshihara said: “Thanks to Sakuraga Kawazu’s accurate announcement and calm actions, the fire was quickly controlled and did not spread. to the surrounding houses. I want to express my gratitude for his work.”

Sakuraga Kawazu at the certificate awarding ceremony.

When asked about this incident, Sakuraga Kawazu said: “I watched an anime about firefighters going on their mission, which is Enen No Shouboutai. So, I calmly handled everything.” (according to what we learned from the movie).”

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