The Ministry of Health sent a letter calling on medical staff to support the city. Ho Chi Minh City fights epidemic

In recent days, the situation pandemic In Ho Chi Minh City, the situation is extremely complicated with the number of infections continuously increasing rapidly. The Delta mutation has caused serious health, economic and social consequences. Thanks to the efforts of the city and the support of people nationwide, the work of repelling the epidemic is making positive progress, but there are still many difficulties due to limited human and material resources. More than ever, the spirit of solidarity and love for fellow citizens and the heart to join hands to support the people of Ho Chi Minh City is extremely necessary.


In a letter sent to colleagues working in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces across the country, Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Truong Son wrote:


All support and continuous efforts of medical staff are always recognized, appreciated and grateful by the Party Committee and people of the city. This timely contribution is also a great source of encouragement for people to feel secure in overcoming the difficulties of the epidemic.

To register to participate in the support, people can register with the Personnel Organization Department, Department of Health of the City. Ho Chi Minh via phone number: 028.39309967 or 0907.574.269.

Vietnam is determined to win epidemic!​

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